Creative workouts to do with just a wall

Yes, believe it or not you can work out with just yourself and a wall. If you ever catch yourself aimlessly staring at it, next time here are a few things you can do to turn the experience into something that can benefit your health.

First of all, you can do squats. To do this, you need to first get your feet about 6 inches or closer to the wall, which is also about the size of two fists. From here make notice of how far your nose is from the wall and maintain that distance as you squat down. It’s harder than it sounds! At the beginning, you are likely to lose our balance as trying to maintain that balance may be new to your body but after you do this for a while you can get really good. See if you can do 10 squats for the first round and not have your legs aching, as this is kind of specialized squat that while doesn’t have any weights attached still challenges your body’s posture and stamina. After getting used to this you can move even closer. There are few people who can do it with their feet almost up against the wall without falling back.

Walls are also good for doing handstands, which are good for developing shoulder strength. For this exercise, position yourself with your back against a wall and take one step forward so that both feet are not against it. Then you should place your hands where your feet are and then put your feet up against the wall until they are high up. You may find it difficult at first for your feet to do this but it should feel like you are climbing up a wall, only backwards in a way. You may even have to move your hands closer to the wall in order to achieve this. From here, push yourself up and down in the handstand posture and feel the burn in the shoulders. This exercise is actually a great way to develop your shoulders without the need of weight, making it a highly recommended home workout.

Also, you can work on the legs but putting a ball behind your back and up against the wall. First position the ball behind your lower back and then move up and down from a straight position to a squat position over and over again. This can also work abdominal muscles and is good for stretching out the back. Some people also find this therapeutic as well.

Lastly, there are many stretches you can do against the wall in order to keep your body lose. For the legs, lean in to a wall at a 45 degree angle with one leg while the other is placed on the calf of the one leaning inwards. This opens up the calf muscles really well. Make sure to keep your feet flat on the ground when switching back and forth. Make sure not to stretch it too much.

You can also stand with your back against the wall and then lift your arms up in a “field-goal” position while having your elbows touch the wall. This opens the back and shoulders nicely.

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