Balancing Working Out Volumes

When working out does doing less equal more or the other way around? Simply put it all depends on the kind of exercise. But to be more accurate it is about how smart you work out and recover that really makes a difference.

If we take an exercise like running then we will find that to gain more you literally have to do more. Why is that? By all means running can be a very healthy activity, but in actuality as you get used to the exercise it requires you to do more and more in order to improve. Running 10 minutes before is now the same as running 20 minutes and that time continues to increase as the body becomes more accustomed.

In this scenario you need to do more intensive cardio exercises within the same amount of time in order to truly improve. This is equal to less is more compared to increasing your time for running. Adding intensity by increasing weight and rep amounts while decreasing rest time in between will allow you to get the best weight loss results. You could also achieve this with heavy weights by doing drop sets and always lifting to failure in order to fatigue the muscles as much as possible. This was also build good tone as well.

More on Muscle Building

For an exercise such as arms less is more. If you work on a muscle group such as arms more than 1-2 times a week chances are that muscle will not have time to recover properly and you may even injure yourself. Eating more to help gain muscle during recovery on the other hand equals more is more because the muscles need to be fueled.

More is more for muscle building if you do exercises to failure without resting. By resting too much you deny your body the opportunity to build muscle. Many guys zone out between sets which means there muscles are slowing down and blood circulation decreases. Such a scenario needs to be altered by adding drop sets to kick up the intensity.

Paying for Supplements

Paying more does not necessarily mean gaining more but eating more does. If guys want to gain muscle they need to eat a lot, train thoroughly and rest appropriately. Eating more does mean more but only with the other two aspects in addition to the right kind of proteins and fats to gain muscle. Otherwise eating too many saturated fats and carbs will not be of use and the body could gain that nasty beer belly look while some other muscles grow.

Working out is all about “the knows, hows and whens.” If you take away good posture you may be injured; when you take away diet you may not gain muscle or lose weight; and when you take away rest the body may not be able to recover. Ideally there would be an overall formula that says working out a certain way would equal less is more, and while there is to an extent, it is more about comprehensively approaching your workouts then thinking of one isolated aspect over the other.

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