Six Pack Abs for Women

This has got to be one of the most commonly asked questions Mike Chang hears: “Is Six Pack Shortcuts good for women, too?” Just by reviewing the program, it would seem to be geared more towards men, but in fact, it works just as well for women.

The most common trepidation for ladies who want six pack abs is that they fear they will get too bulked up by using Mike’s system. The men who devote themselves to Six Pack Shortcuts are generally looking to bulk up, where women tend to prefer a slim, toned look. The good news is, Mike Chang’s workout is great for both, and there aren’t any huge modifications that need to be made. Just a few simple adaptations should be observed, and even then, only if the desired results aren’t being realized.

Nutrition: Calorie Reduction

When men are utilizing hard core workouts to gain muscle quickly, they must eat a lot of calories along the way, as Mike Chang’s diet originally calls for. While exercising, the body burns these calories and forms muscular definition. If a guy isn’t eating enough calories, he won’t get bulked up because once all of his calories are burned up, the body starts burning the muscles as well. The end result is smaller muscles.

While that’s often a problem for the guys, it’s the perfect solution for the ladies. Instead of taking in as many calories as the Mike Chang Six Pack Shortcuts nutrition guide calls for, women can reduce the calorie intake a little. You should still be consuming food as many times a day, but not so much of it. Avoid sugary liquids and snacks. This will cause you to lose weight and tone up the muscles you already have by burning off any excessive muscle mass you would have gained otherwise..

Workout: Weight Reduction

Along with calorie intake, women who want six pack abs without the bulk may need to reduce the amount of weight they using in workouts. Again, men looking to bulk up will, over time, increase the amount of weight they are lifting on exercises that target areas they want more defined. For women, when you’re working on a muscle group that you want toned, but not larger, don’t use quite so much weight.

When using smaller weights, it’s important to increase the repetitions as well. Mike Chang recommends upping the reps to 15. By using lower weight amounts, calories won’t be burned as fast, so the extended workout must be maintained to prevent unwanted weight gain. Continue doing the same amount of sets, but increased reps will ensure that while toning the muscles, the necessary calories are being burned, along with just enough muscle burning to keep them from bulking up.

Six Pack Abs for Women: Tips

In the beginning, follow the program to a T; the calorie intake, the weight lifting recommendations, the sets and reps, everything. Only when you’re not getting the desired results should you make any of the changes recommended above. If a muscle is becoming bulkier than you like, decrease the weight an increase the reps. If you aren’t slimming down, reduce the calories.

There are two primary reasons why women don’t stick with diets and fitness programs. One is a lack of enjoyable food, and the other is slow results. Mike Chang’s system eliminates both of these issues. Women are still able to eat meals and snacks throughout the day. Although they do have to be a little healthier than the average unfit person consumes, Mike shows us how to make delicious meals quickly and keep our energy high throughout the day without ever being hungry. Using a hardcore fitness program ensures fast, consistent results so that no one gets discouraged while waiting week after to week to see any noticeable changes.

Finally, be careful that you don’t reduce the calorie intake too much. The results can be terribly adverse, and can actually cause multiple medical problems, as well as constant fatigue, which is another key reason most people don’t stick with any normal combined diet and fitness program. All in all, while the male gender may have been the primary target of his marketing campaign, Mike Chang definitely designed Six Pack Shortcuts for women, too.

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