Why Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts training program is not a scam

If Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts is a scam then Mike Chang wouldn’t be sweating his ass off in his videos or gasping for breath by the end of his online workouts. He shows you the same techniques he uses for his personal workouts and doesn’t do any fancy editing in his videos to make it look like he is fake sweating/tired. Everything he does is on the spot, and is done honestly and unscripted, otherwise if he were lying he would be constantly choking on his words when he talks in front on the camera. But that’s not the case because he is always pumped up and knows exactly what he is talking about, which viewers can see. Come one, I’m sure of you know how to detect BS when you see or hear it.

Also, a scam would likely imply that you would pay money for something and never see anything in return, but that is quite the opposite in what Mike Chang’s program provides. To show you some of the great tips you get from his program (in case you are skeptical) I have put together a list of things I have learned from the Mike Chang DVDs and videos that have really helped my workouts. Hopefully after you read it you can learn more about what is offered and whether or not his program is suitable for you.

Gaining muscle

1. Get enough contraction on your muscles. This means that your muscles need to be extended farther than what you are used to. For example, with triceps we often only pull down or back so far because of either a short rope we use on machines or because we may hit another body part. But, if you do something like extending a cable by making it twice as long that will allow you to pull down farther and back further to get your muscles the extended contraction they need. If that is hard to visualize, just imagine that if it’s your triceps you are trying to stretch them so far back that you are attempting to swing your arms backwards. You will also find that with extended cables you have more flexibility for making them not hit your body when attempting to extend and contract further. This is VERY important for making use of an entire muscle group as it helps put more pressure on muscles, which in turn helps them grow more.

2. Put tension on the muscles you want to get big bigger. Most people at the gym when they work out are putting the wrong tension on their muscles in that they are using multiple muscles to do one exercise. This helps slow down the process of building muscle in a certain area. For example, when you do chest how many times have you felt your back, shoulders or triceps get tired? This is because you are not putting enough attention to that muscle group so in turn your body tries to make up for lifting the weight with other muscles. So, what you need to do is actually go to a smaller weight and re-train yourself so that every time you lift for a certain area the focus is going on that muscle. You will find out that this will put way more stress on the muscles, which in turn will put on more meat.

3. If you are not dripping by the end of your workout you are not training hard enough. Most people train too lightly and hardly break a sweat when they workout; however, if you want to really lose body fat and gain muscle then you need to push yourself the extra mile. Like most success, it comes with really hard work and effort.


On diet

1. Not eating enough calories. If you don’t eat enough calories you won’t have enough building blocks to gain muscle. Mike asks if you eat 2,000 calories a day and then burn those on calories then what are you going to use to gain extra weight? You need to eat more calories to build more muscle, so make sure to think about doubling your food if you want to get big. Note though, doubling food is only good for healthy and nutritional foods and not for saturated fats like candy etc. that won’t help with gaining muscle at all.

2. Carbs are good for you. Carbs have gotten a bad reputation even since the Atkins diet came out but in reality it’s not the carbs that are the enemy, but foods with sugar. Carbs aren’t bad for people and they can play a role in gaining weight; however, you do not want to overdue them as well, so sticking to carbs from potatoes, especially white potatoes and sweet potatoes can be some of the healthiest carb intakes for your diet in getting big. Such foods can also help with digestion.

3. Cook in advance. This is because Mike Chang says you need to eat every 2 hours, as that is about the time between meals when the body starts to feel not full. In Mike’s opinion, the best way to put on muscle is to eat whenever you do not feel full, which is about every 2 hours or so. However, he understands that not everyone can be cooking or have access to food on a whim throughout the day, so in order to avoid the hassles of constantly thinking of your diet plan, Mike says you need to cook all your food ahead of time. You can do this either the evening before or each morning, and the results will help you stay on a more steady diet plan as well as decrease the annoyance of having to always think of where and what your next meal will be.

4. Take lots of protein. This is one of the most important ways to build muscle and cannot be emphasized enough. Get your protein!

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