Why is Mike Chang everywhere?

Mike Chang, who is the head honcho for the well-known Six Pack Shortcuts videos, is appearing all over the web these days. It’s hard not to see his advertisement on the web, especially on YouTube, where he dominates most videos related to exercising. Many people are wondering why this is the case, and below aims to shed light on this issue.

Basically, the more videos and quality of videos a certain group or individual have online the higher it will rank on search engines such as Google. Search engines also take into consideration the amount of hits videos and products are getting on their various websites, whether it is a YouTube channel or their home site, and determines how and where they will be seen based off information people type or search for online.

For example, if you are wondering why you always see Mike Chang’s videos on YouTube when an ad pops up, it’s probably because Google, which is affiliated with YouTube, knows that you have been searching for similar videos either related to Mike Chang or are related to video titles that you are looking for elsewhere and may be popular amongst other people.

If you often type in something like “Best abs workouts”, chances are Mike Chang videos will come up on the first page either on Google and YouTube. That’s because many people have subscribed, passed along and recommended those videos to other people, which then turn into more hits and clicks, followed by more popularity etc.

Essentially, it is because a lot of people like Mike Chang videos and you are looking for a lot of videos related to his products that you see him so often!

But this is good for you, if you want quality. Google knows what people want and are looking for based off search engine results and aims to give people the best results related to their searches. That’s why Google in addition to YouTube have the success they do- because they give people what they want.

Likewise, Chang, who has been a personal trainer for years and has gone through all the steps of figuring out what works for getting ripped, losing body fat, in addition to understanding proper diet techniques, is so popular on the web and ostensibly everywhere. People continue to look for him and buy his products because he has hands down the best videos for purchase than any other online program on the web. Thus, if you continue to see him it means that more and more people are getting hooked!

And getting hooked on the program is a good thing, we think. We found Mike Chang’s videos throughout ads just like a lot of you probably have and have dedicated ourselves to making videos and writing blog posts, so sometimes getting involved in the hype is a good thing.

The videos in now way are a scam by the Six Pack Shortcuts crew to dominate YouTube as some people think, so just remember that. If you have clicked on Mike Chang videos before and are now complaining why you always see his ads you know now it is because Google is feeding them to you and not Mike Chang. This is a question of algorithms in Google and not Mike Chang trying to spam the web, so keep that in mind.

If you want to get rid of seeing his ads, there are options on Google to filter ads or you can download software to get rid of ads permanently. If neither of those options are at your disposal you might want to consider watching high volumes of other videos so that Google spams you other ads!

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