Why Get a Six Pack ?

We all know there are benefits to having six pack abs, the most prominent and universally recognized of which is the fact that they attract a lot of the best kind of attention when you’re walking down the sandy shores of the beach. Let’s face it, most women love a solid six pack on their man. It may not be a prerequisite with most women, but it’s certainly a bonus in charming the ladies. What many men, and women alike, may not realize is that there are many more additional benefits to having six packs abs.

What a lot of people don’t realize are the multitude of medical advantages. A person with six pack abs is a lot less likely to suffer from a back injury. There are countless people walking around today with lower back pain, and more often than not, it can be associated with weak abdominal muscles and the presence of extra weight in the midriff area. Strengthening the abs and decreasing the excess of fat on your tummy can significantly reduce the lower back pain and associated with injuries and/or disproportionate weight distribution.

One of the most common injuries faced by people with a weak abdominal wall is a hernia. A hernia occurs when the fascia – the connecting muscle tissue overlaying the stomach – is breached by organs or fatty tissues. Essentially, the muscle tears and part of our innards push towards the outers, creating a bulge that can be not only painful, but debilitating. Once a hernia occurs, it can be surgically corrected, but the individual will no longer be able to lift moderately heavy objects without risk of re-injury; i.e. once a hernia occurs, you can kiss those dreams of six pack abs goodbye.

Having six pack abs and a strong muscular physique in general also decreases pressure on the joints by helping to stabilize the body. Joint pressure can lead to extreme pain as years go by. Then again, it’s been scientifically proven that people with joint pain can successfully predict the oncoming of bad weather (like a weather balloon, the barometric pressure deflates the tissue around the joints, causing pain and generally resulting in a thunderstorm), so if you have ambitions of becoming a meteorologist, perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad.

People with six pack abs also enjoy the benefits of heightened stamina. People who stay fit and work out on a regular basis maintain peak physical performance, allowing them to sustain physical exertion for a longer period of time without getting winded. This can be of great assistance in many areas of life, from helping your in-laws move to a further away location, to ensuring the long-lasting pleasure of a bedmate.

Another benefit of six pack abs is improved posture. A smaller waistline with a muscular abdominal structure helps us to stand up straighter, rather than hunching over. Bad posture can lead to both upper and lower back pain and spinal complications, not to mention it just doesn’t look as good as maintaining an upright position when standing or walking. It also makes us look taller, which is just another added perk for the vertically challenged among us.

For those of you with an exhibitionist mentality, you will find that certain apparel, such as the popular Under Armor brand athletic shirts, as well as tight tank tops, t-shirts and anything derived from spandex, look absolutely awesome. Thus you can show off your physique on days when going shirtless isn’t an option, as is often the case on rainy days, when entering certain places of business or when covering up nasty surgical scars endured from medical operations revolving around previous unhealthy dieting and exercise habits.

The advantages listed above are just the most prominent reasons why six pack abs are so great to have. No matter what your reason for working to obtain a six pack, you will find that the benefits go well beyond the typical desire of an elite physical form. Looking awesome just happens to top the list.

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