Basic Theory Regarding Weight Balance

Because you let yourself go you became what is known as “fat” or overweight. But don’t worry, just because you let go doesn’t mean you can’t pull yourself back into the way you want to be.

Gaining weight comes from three primary reasons-diet, exercise and state of mind. In terms of diet, people either over eat or eat too many fatty foods ranging from fried, sweet and fast food that should otherwise be avoided or eaten in limited amounts. In fact, diet is about 70% of the reason why people are overweight. If you don’t believe that, take a moment to think about the people you know or that you see on TV who are not exercising and instead because of food restrictions manage to remain steady. There is a big chance that person is like that because of their diet otherwise they are young and their metabolism hasn’t caught up yet.

If you were to take a place like Japan, for example, the vast majority of the population is considered healthy and not overweight. Not only does their diet consist of lighter and less fatty foods, the quantities are smaller and taken usually without dessert. People there are able to stay skinny without exercise as a result and use their food intake as their training to look good. For people in the West, desserts are almost always a given in addition to large portions that have fried components in addition to high-carb foods, which by definition will put on too much weight if not met with exercise.

Since not everyone is used to the fish/vegetable diets many Japanese have become accustomed to, Westerners can find it highly beneficial not only for losing weight but to maintain overall health to work out. If you were to Google any of “Mike Chang’s Insane Home Fatloss workouts 10 minutes” you could find at least 10 different exercises that can get you sweating without the need to go to a gym. These can be done any time of the day and with a little bit of courage people can lose weight fast.

We often do the exercises and complement them with healthy diets, at least Monday-Friday, because hey, the weekends for enjoyment, and find great results from them. They are so easy and take such little effort that it’s almost mind boggling to think how people could be overweight. But then again, we do understand there are economic factors for some peoples’ diets as well as certain mental issues conflicting with people, such as stress from work, so therefore we also would like to address the mental component.

The mind above all explains why a lot of people are fat. Many are overweight because they succumb to stress and depression, which drives craving for some kind of material fulfillment. If purchasing expensive things is not an option for people, many will indulge in food that stimulates the senses in order to calm themselves down and relax. Chocolate and other sweets in addition to alcohol are most common for this. If, however, people managed their minds better through things such as meditation or even exercise due to the endorphin rush people get, they would find their appetites would decrease and an increased awareness of their body would come about.

Maintaining a positive attitude about oneself and keeping the will to improve also needs to be taken into consideration if you find yourself unable to do the above mentioned. Taking control of the mind will help drive oneself to take action and may very well allow the individual to stop eating or indulging in foods and drink excessively, thus eliminating the need for exercise in order to get slim.

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