Superfluous Fitness Tech hitting the ‘Wearable’ Market in 2016

Technology developers are busy creating the latest and greatest wearable fitness tech. Some of the recent items we’ve found incredibly useful, or at least entertainingly informative, include the FitBit line, Smartwatches, sensor-infused socks like Sensoria and all the handy mobile apps that go along with them. But like most trends, technicians are working so fast to develop ‘the next big thing‘, they may not be taking the time to think their products through.

While some of the new and upcoming fitness tech I’m going to tell you about may hit a niche market, the majority of you probably don’t need it. Let’s take a look.

Spire – The Calming Clip-On

Spire Fitness TechSpire is a small, circular tracking device that can be clipped inconspicuously onto a woman’s bra, or man’s pant-waist. So long as the back of the device is touching the skin near the chest or stomach, it’s supposed to be able to track your breathing patterns and tell you when your getting stressed. The paired app will deliver a notification to your phone if you’re too stressed, and also provides meditative advice to help calm you down.

Admittedly, stress is a major factor in our everyday lives, but do I really need fitness tech that tells me when I’m getting worked up? I can figure that one out pretty easy for myself. Then again, being reminded to calm down could be helpful, especially for anyone with a heart condition or high blood pressure, so long as you don’t experience false readings on Spire.

Price: USD $149

Available: Now

Thin Ice – Calorie Burning Vest

Thin Ice Wearable Fitness TechThin Ice is a vest that’s meant to be worn underneath your clothes and, if worn for 4 consecutive hours, is meant to help the wearer burn 1,000 additional calories per day. The wearable tech pairs with a mobile app, of course, and developers say it works by “cool[ing] parts of the body with high concentrations of thermo receptors, which stimulate the brown adipose tissue (BAT) pathway.” The BAT pathway reportedly produces heat to burn calories from “bad fat”.

The big problem here is that this “weight-loss clothing” product sounds very gimmicky. It can burn 1,000 calories a day without the wearer doing anything? Products that sound too good to be true usually are. And besides, it looks a little too bulky to hide under a shirt.

Price: USD $99 (early bird special)

Available: November 2016, Pre-Order Now

AIO Sleeve – Full-Arm Fitness Tracker

AIO Sleeve Wearable Fitness TechThe AIO Sleeve by Komodo is billed as “The world’s first activity monitoring compression sleeve”. It works much the same as today’s top fitness tracking bands, but because it’s a full sleeve, it’s able to generate much more accurate readings.

Like most fitness tech, it measures heart rate, steps, distance and even sleep, but it’s also able to give ECG/EKG readings and MET (Metabolic Equivalent of Task) readings, meaning it determines the body’s response to particular physical activities, telling the user whether to pick it up or slow it down.

For the most part, this sounds like a great product, especially for hard core athletes. Unfortunately, if you’re anything like me, you get HOT during a workout, and wearing a long sleeve on my arm doesn’t sound too appealing. I haven’t seen any information on whether it’s machine washable either, and all that sweat is gonna require constant cleaning/deodorizing.

Price: USD $99-$130

Available: September 2016, Pre-Order Now

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