Mike Chang’s best workouts for a V-Shaped Torso

Using a close grip bar for doing T bar exercises is great for getting a V-Shaped torso because T bars will help put a lot of thickness on your middle back as well as on your rhomboids. Getting a V shape torso means that you will need to work these two main two areas, as they are crucial to the back’s overall strength and agility, so starting off with this kind of an exercise is highly recommended.

For this exercise we need to do 1-2 warm-up sets with lighter weight followed by 4-5 working sets with a heavier weight. Your feet should be shoulder width and you want to stand pretty close to the weight with the bar in between your feet. Standing about 4 inches or so away is a recommended, which is about a fist size from the weight to your feet. I need to remind you though that Mike Chang points out in his videos that one of the biggest mistakes guys make when doing this exercise is standing too far away. This will stress your shoulders, strain your back, and the weight will not be balanced, so be careful. Also, make sure your knees are slightly bent, your back slightly bent and your head looking forward and not at the ground to ensure overall proper posture.

After completing your sets move on to deadlifts. For deadlifts, your knees should be slightly wider than shoulder width and your knees should be bent, back straight, head forward, and then lift up and thrust the hips forward to complete the motion. Do about 4-5 working sets with about 8 reps or so for each one and then move to pullovers. Between each exercise make sure to rest.

Deadlifts are essential for getting a v-shaped torso as well as an overall strong back. Deadlifts help you develop a strong core and act as building blocks for developing smaller and more specific muscles in the upper body, so it is really necessary that you incorporate deadlifts into your workout routine. Be careful though as they can also lead to injury if not properly executed.

For pullovers, lay down on a bench perpendicular with your head back on the edge. Make sure the head is not too far over the edge as it will strain your neck and the head cannot be too far on the bench. Mike Chang says this will not allow for enough stretch and mobility in your lats area. This seems like a small tip, but it makes a big difference.

As you lift the weight about the head make sure the hands are flat and then close the rest of the fingers on top. As you extend the arms back to begin the exercise make sure they are straight and your hips go down in order to take strain off the waist and more on the back. As you extend upwards with the arms straight make sure the weight doesn’t go further than your mouth. If it goes past that point you begin to work the chest area. Make sure to do about 4-5 sets of these and I guarantee you will feel a burn in your torso.

Make sure to stretch through all these especially for the pullovers. If you do these exercises with the recommend amount of sets and reps, Mike Chang believes you will definitely see the V-shaped definition you want throughout your back and it will also help pack on meat to give your upper body a better looking and more balanced figure. Remember, back muscles are key in developing the rest of your body so these exercises will also be very practical as well.


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