Under Armour and Sports Authority Link Data for Loyalty Benefits

Under Armour has been a leading apparel choice of athletes, fitness gurus and sports leagues across the globe since the late 1990’s. Last year, the company decided to branch out into the technology business by acquiring the fitness tracking application, MapMyFitness. Now, Under Armour and popular retail outlet, Sports Authority, and lining linking up to deliver a new program any avid exerciser can appreciate.

Under Armour Connected Fitness ProgramIt’s called the “Under Armour Connected Fitness” program, and it’s giving 150 million people the chance to earn special benefits through Sports Authority’s loyalty rewards program, (aka ‘The League’), by linking their fitness data with their retail membership.

The two companies are collaborating on an effort to devise specific “challenges” that anyone who uses the MapMyFitness app can take part in. Each member of the Under Armour Connected Fitness program will receive a list of challenges, and for each one they complete, they can earn free gift cards to Sports Authority and/or loyalty points towards their “League” account.

The challenges won’t be easy to complete for everyone. While the new fitness tracking program is sure to attract the most physically conditioned individuals, Under Armour and Sports Authority are also hoping to target fitness novitiates, challenging them to take their workout regimen to the next level.

For example, one of the challenges is to run 10 miles in a week – something trainers like Mike Chang would have no problem doing, while those new to the sport may be able to use the added incentive as an extra boost in willpower.

Under Armour’s Vice President of Advertising, Warren Kay, said the new program will help the company achieve several key goals geared towards strengthening their market position. First, it will allow them to branch further into the field of technology, but it also grants an opportunity to gather more analytical data from customers.

Kay put great emphasis on the importance of connecting with the community as a brand. “Getting in shape, losing weight,” said Kay; these “are all personal experiences, and we can recognize and reward those efforts all at the same time.”

Sports Authority’s VP of Customer Strategy, Crissy Davis, extolled the new data tracking fitness program, stating that it will help both companies better understand their customers’ needs, activity levels and purchasing behavior in a more relevant manner than ever before.

Under Armour’s MapMyFitness app is available on a wide range of mobile devices. Unlike most applications that are designed primarily for iOS and Android smartphones, the MapMyFitness app can also be downloaded on Fitbits, Garmins and Jawbones to track a user’s workout activity and calorie management.

Growth of Fitness Technology Market

The competition in the fitness technology market is growing rapidly, but not all companies are succeeding in their endeavors. Nike, the only sports apparel company larger than Under Armour, dabbled in the sports tech industry with a wearable FuelBand, but shuttered the doors on that product last year.

Adidas acquired the Runtastic app and wearable technology (Runtastic Orbit) that currently boats 70 million users tracking their fitness activities. Adidas also released a line of miCoach wearables and trackers last year. And let’s not forget that Samsung, Google and Apple always compete for every app market on the planet, introducing competitive products like Apple’s HealthKit.

Kay believes Under Armour’s technology has a strong potential to outrank its competitors. While they are “fighting against other tech companies” to hire the most talented engineers, Kay also noted, “we’re doing something very different than what other companies are doing.”

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