Uncommon Workout Techniques and Ideas

If you’re getting bored with your workout routine, then maybe you need to mix things up. You don’t have to stay within the restrictive workout regimes that so many people set for themselves. There are many ways to workout and many people haven’t even scratched the surface.

Why Mixing Up Your Workouts Is Important

The problem with repetitive exercise programs is that it reduces the rate of gains, and your body plateaus, as Uncommon Fitness reports. You need to keep pushing your body in different ways, and that means coming up with different exercises on a regular basis.

Here’s what you should be looking for when searching for new ways to workout:

Equipment: Investing in a new piece of equipment is a great way to get started. It could be anything, something as simple as a rope will do. The point is that by introducing something new you can mix things up and have something new to look forward to.

Fun to do: You don’t have to follow a workout program down to the very last detail. Feel free to include some of your won exercises, even if they’re not be as efficient as some of the others out there. As Helpguide.org explains: “You are more likely to exercise if you find enjoyable, convenient activities. Give some thought to your likes and dislikes, and remember that preferences can change over time.”

High intensity, short bursts: You don’t need to spend hours working out, if the right exercises are chosen you can get away with doing a 20 to 30 minute workout. The ideal type of exercise is one that can push your body to the limit in about 12 reps.

Now that you have an idea about what kind of exercises to incorporate into your workout program, let’s have a look at some specific examples of what you could add.

Rope-ups For Upper Body Strength

If you’re looking for upper body gains, try rope-ups. This is done using two ropes, so that each arm can use a rope in order to pull the body up. To get an idea of how to complete this exercise, check out this video from Uncommon Fitness.

Pull-ups are also good, but rope-ups come with a unique set of advantages. Firstly, they work a wider variety of muscles, in particular the back muscles. The exercises might also be more fun to execute than with a simple bar. You don’t have to have two ropes either, and can get away with just one. You will have more options with two though, as this Uncommon Fitness article explains.

Push Ups Between Two Benches With Weight On Top

Weighted push-ups can really push your body to the limit, giving you massive gains as a result. As Bold & Determined explains, this exercise will work your chest, core, shoulders and triceps.

The great thing about this exercise is that it’s a challenge just to complete a few reps. The link above shows a picture of how to carry out the exercise. Basically, you place your feet on a bench behind you and each arm on benches that are parallel to you. Then you get someone to place a weight on your back and begin doing push ups. Choose the weight carefully though, you don’t want to strain your body too much as that will only impede your overall progress.

Suitcase Deadlifts

This exercise involves holding a weight with one hand like a suitcase. This Bold & Determined article states that the suitcase deadlift will work your traps, neck, obliques and forearms, whilst also improving your grip. Not bad for a single exercise that is very simple to execute.

The difficulty with this exercise is not just picking up the weight, but also the length of time you are able to hold it. Try to push yourself every time. If you can only manage 20 seconds during the first week, go for 30 seconds the second week, and so on. Beating your own record can be fun, and it’s a clear indicator of improvement, which is great for motivation.

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