Meet the New Under Armour HealthBox Fitness Bundle

Under Armour has long been a top-name brand in fitness apparel, and the company’s latest endeavors have positioned them to become a high ranking member of the fitness tech industry, as well. UA unveiled a series of new items at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and while they aren’t exactly groundbreaking, their inter-synchronization could be quite appealing to hard core athletes.

Through a partnership with HTC, Under Armour gave exercise gurus five new items to drool over (and save up for), including the new UA Band, UA Heart Rate Monitor, UA Scale, UA SpeedForm (smart shoe) and UA Wireless Headphones.

We’ll take a look at each of these items, how they stack up against the competition, and whether it’s worth buying the $400 Under Armour HealthBox bundle that comes with the first three items on the list (band, heart rate monitor and scale).

Under Armour Band

Under Armour Band Fitness TechAlthough sleek and efficient, the UA Band won’t really do anything (on its own) that other high quality fitness tech hasn’t already been designed to do. It measures, activity, sleep and resting heart rate, and has a 5-day battery life. Users can also set the display to stay on, eliminating the need to hit buttons during a run or workout. And of course, the Bluetooth compatible device connects seamlessly with the UA Record app.

The UA Band does have one unique quality though. It’s waterproof, so you won’t have to take it off in the shower. Otherwise, it’s comparable to the Fitbit’s Charge HR, although this one retails for about $30 more (USD $180).

Under Armour Heart Rate Monitor

Under Armour Heart Rate Fitness TechThe company’s original Under Armour39 chest strap was an undeniable disappointment for fitness tech fans, but UA’s new heart rate monitor is not – at least, not for serious athletes who want absolute accuracy (otherwise, a typical wrist band heart rate monitor will do the trick).

The new chest strap measures the heart’s electrical impulses, sending precise data on heart rate, heart rate zone and workout intensity directly to the UA Band and UA Record app via Bluetooth. Thus the chest strap and band work best in tandem. The monitor is also water resistant, has a 365-hour battery life and retails for USD $80.

Under Armour Scale

Under Armour Scale Fitness TechAnyone who’s ever been overweight absolutely hates weight scales, but this thing is badass enough everyone will want to step on it. It tracks the user’s weight, of course, along with other important details like body fat percentage and measured progressed towards weight goals. It even has the power to automatically recognize up to 8 different users, providing each with their own profiles.

The UA Scale is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, syncing all data to the UA Record app. Prepare to spend USD $180 for this bad boy on its own.

UA HealthBox Bundle

Under Armour HealthBox BundelBought separately, each of the fitness tech items above would run USD $440 – or you can save $40 and pay an even $400 by purchasing all three together in the HealthBox bundle. For hard core athletes, that’s a good bargain since the only way to make the most of this technology is to sync them all together.

Smart Shoes and Wireless Headphones

Under Amrour SpeedForm Gemini 2 Smart ShoesIf you’re interested in the HealthBox, you may also want to check out Under Armour’s new UA SpeedForm Gemini 2 Record – the first smart shoe from UA. While you can’t bundle these new high-tech sneaks—they won’t even be on the market until late February, retailing for about $150—they also sync to UA’s other devices and UA Record app, and track so much data you won’t need to carry any other fitness tech or even a smartphone during exercise…

…unless you want to listen to music, perhaps on these new UA Wireless Headphones.

Under Armour Wireless HeadphonesThe headphones come in two varieties – one standard and one with a heart rate monitor built in (which you won’t need if you get the UA HealthBox bundle, or just the chest strap alone). They are both Bluetooth compatible and, perhaps most impressively, UA says they are “guaranteed never to hurt or fall out”. The standard version retails for $150 (shipments begin 1-22-16) while the heart rate tracking version will go for $180 (release date TBA).

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