Should I trust Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts program?

The best way to tell if an online workout program is legit or not is by the performance and quality of knowledge someone presents in his or her videos. If you have ever watched an infomercial that is trying to sell workout equipment or programs, typically you are promised all sorts of magical results despite the lack of apparent efforts in the video (i.e. no one is sweating even though the product promotes fat loss). This should send off warning signs in your head right away that such an add is loaded with BS and will not give you the results you are looking to achieve.

What you need to look for is someone who is straight up with their speech, doesn’t put on a fake smile because their producer told them to, and who is actually achieving in the video what the product promotes. In the case of a workout video, you need to see the trainers working their ass off in front of the camera sweating through exercises, building muscle and teaching proper technique. Granted, it is very had to notice muscle being developed on the spot, but if the technique is right the muscles will contract and at least swell up on the spot. Such aspects prove not only the enthusiasm of the trainer’s personality, but also gives a legitimate and truthful display of what you can expect from a product.

Mike Chang’s YouTube videos do just that. His videos are like taking a test drive in a car before deciding to purchase it in the sense that they prepare you and give you a taste of what to expect from his main program Six Pack Shortcuts. I personally have not seen a video where Mike isn’t working his but off to show us new exercises, whether it is for chest, shoulders or legs etc. I watch carefully to see if what he is doing is effective on him and then try it out myself. This is extremely important. Only then do I know whether what he is saying is true.

Most workout programs do not do that so there is no way of knowing whether they will work. In fact, most products are like that. How many products are out there that you can try them out first and make sure they are suitable for your needs before purchasing them? Aside from electronics products, not too many by my count. They are usually packaged away in impossible ways to open and rarely guarantee quality.

So, take the time for yourself to go through some of Mike Chang’s videos on YouTube and see if they are right for you. If you think what he says is legit, and then you find the exercises presented also have a good effect on you, you may want to check out his more advanced program on Six Pack Shortcuts that really goes into more specific details and exercises for all sorts of levels. But like I said, do your homework first and then make a decision so that you are sure of your purchase. That’s what many people have done and have found the results rewarding.


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