How Training The Mind Can Improve Your Workouts

People who tend to be more focused on their endeavors in life, whether it is with sports, careers or relationships, also have attributes of a strong mind focus- that is, they are not distracted easily, they maintain their goals in sight and constantly work toward them, and do not let the petty stuff get in the way. Such people also do not make excuses.

And this is where the mindset of many athletes and trainers is as well. Focused, on track with their goals, and virtually unstoppable due to their will power to succeed, they achieve their goals and bring what they want to fruition through a willingness and mindset of concentration. Some may say such attributes are born, but in fact they are innate with everyone and waiting to be explored provided people want to give in and let the better side of themselves take over.

The mind is the start of all this. The mind is where our emotions and decisions play out, which later affects the way we feel and act physically. When working out, or really doing anything for that matter, if our mind is not set and focused on what we are doing then the efforts are futile. Even if your physical body may be rested for a workout, if the mind is not settled and ready to be fully aware of what it is going to encounter then it will be difficult to make progress. Therefore, the basis of succeeding is being aware of the mind and its connection to the body as a whole. Many athletes have talked about this but the importance of this has only really begun to surface just a little.

Simply put, one’s concentration needs to be in line with one’s action. If someone is aimlessly driving without paying attention to what they are doing the results could be disastrous. While hurting oneself may not be such an issue with working out, it could be the determining factor in improving one’s workout or even getting the motivation to work out.

To train the mind in this regard, bring your attention to what it is you are doing or want to do. Let all other thoughts about what else you think you need or want to do leave the mind and affirm the decision of what you want to achieve instead. If you want to aim to push 20 pounds heavier, say to yourself “Today my focus in on pushing 20 pounds heavier. This is the goal I will work towards today.”

While you may not actually be able to achieve this right away, it is the first step to pushing yourself in the right direction. Everyone has limits with their physical and mental dispositions, and therefore setting a plan of action is necessary. If you plan to drive to a certain place in a certain amount of time, one needs to plant the directions ahead of time, otherwise the destination will not be reached.

Keeping a healthy is also key to success. To improve one’s level of health, make sure to eat, drink and speak healthy. You will notice an overall difference in your emotions, which will give rise to new and better energy that can be used for bettering oneself, whether it is for working out or other activities.

A mind that is not taken care of will affect the body. Many athletes have commented that their performances were based off their mindset on a given night. All the physical training had been put into place, but since the mind wasn’t properly tamed everything was off, claimed many athletes in interviews across the web. We hear such stories over and over but rarely consider its importance.

If the mind is often distracted try deep breathing exercises by counting the breaths and being aware of each single breath. This brings the mind to the present moment, calms the body, and restores energy to bring about balance and optimum performance. Trainers can count 1-10 up and down in order to practice this. If the mind goes astray, start over from scratch.

Remember, our minds are our biggest obstacles in that depending on which way we allow them to flow in their stream of thoughts can vastly change the outcome of a certain goal. Keep your mind concentrated and think positively, and there will be few things that you won’t be able to accomplish.



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