Top fat loss foods by Insane Home Fat Loss

In short-Vegetables, fruits, lots of water, multiple sources of protein… and brown rice.

Why Vegetables? Most of us don’t like them so do we have to? Well, Mike Chang tells you that you better get to like them because they have good vitamins and fibers, and will stay in your stomach for a long time to give you energy, which will help you lose weight.

Can I eat too many vegetables? If you eat a lot of vegetables it will be very hard to get fat, as they are so full of nutrients that help in burning fat. Why do they burn fat you might be asking? Well, they help keep your metabolism strong throughout the day and help increases muscle and muscle tone, which helps stores fat and rids yourself of those nasty love handles as a result.

We recommend asparagus and broccoli but there are also many other vegetables to choose from. Be creative in how you prepare your vegetables but don’t overdue them with too many oils and salts!

What else should I eat?


These tasty treats are good in vitamins and are low in calories for the most part so it is hard to get fat from them.

They also make great snack foods throughout the day. Mike Chang recommends snacking on bananas and grapefruit throughout the day but kiwis and apples among other foods are also recommended. Avocados are our personal favorite and have great health benefits!


For your Carbs, brown rice. Whole grains are also recommended because they give less insolence in our body


Proteins are good because they give you nutrients you need to build muscles. If you use your muscles more often or have bigger muscles your metabolism is higher, which means that your body naturally burns more calories.

Meat therefore is highly recommended but if you are vegetarian go for more tofu and protein shakes. Additionally, a lot of people recommend chicken breasts. Be careful with chicken breasts though. More studies are coming out showing that mass produced chickens in the US are fed many hormones in order to bump up production, which unfortunately means you run a much higher risk of catching diseases, most notably cancer, from such food. If possible, try to get chicken meat from a local market that uses more natural means. However, we understand you may be on a budget so if you are going to eat chicken breast make sure it is not more than a few times a month, if any at all.

We also recommend fish, almonds, walnuts, oatmeal, green tea and lots of water. Not only are all these foods along with the mentioned ones above healthy and help with fat loss, they also help prevent diabetes, inflammation and heart disease.

In Insane Home Fat Loss’s DVDs, they also explain how all these foods can be prepared in quick and tasty ways, and give you extra tips as to how you can save money so that your workouts and diets don’t break the bank.

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