Tech Tats: Why wear Fitness Tech when you can Tattoo it on your Skin?

Tech TattooThere’s no question that technology is accelerating at the speed of light. Every time we turn around, there’s something newer, broader, better and more exciting happening in the tech world. In the last year or two, companies have fought to develop sleeker, more intuitive fitness technology we can wear on our bodies. Now, something called Tech Tats could go beyond wearing technology, to actually tattooing it onto your skin.

A company called Chaotic Moon is developing new fitness technology that can be applied directly to the user’s skin as a temporary tattoo. The process includes the utilization of conductive ink and micro-chip sensors, essentially turning a small portion of the body into a living circuit board.

Tech Tats Mobile AppTech tats allow the electronic tattoo to interact with information provided naturally by the human body. Much like the sensors on traditional wearable fitness tech, it picks up the same information like heart rate, calories burned and even steps taken, and then some. That data can then be transferred over Bluetooth to a mobile device.

Chaotic Moon is calling them “biowearables“, describing them as “wearable technology that isn’t just, say, strapped to the user’s wrist, but interacts WITH their wrist.” Instead of purchasing an expensive piece of technology and strapping it on, people will soon have access to “a low-interference, low-cost, and low-hassle alternative, and using the user’s skin as the interface.”

“These are devices that are mounted on the skin and allow for a simple integration of electronics with the human body,” said Eric Schneider, a creative hardware technologist with Creative Moon. “So this is really going beyond what the fitness tracker is.”

Innovations in the Medical Field

Tech TatsThe company is looking far beyond the fitness tech capabilities of tech tats, exploring incredible innovations in the medical field. According to Schneider, the tattoo would be able to receive and record all of the same vital signs a doctor looks for during a routine physical exam.

He believes the technology could eliminate the need for annual check-ups, giving doctors constant access to a user’s vital signs. A user could simply get a tech tattoo once a year instead. The tattoo would monitor the user’s vital signs, detecting things like abnormal or elevated heart rate, high or low blood pressure, even a fever, and send that information to the doctor.

Imagine getting a phone call that your child is getting sick before you even know it’s happening? This is the medical future envisioned by Chaotic Moon.

Tech Tats for Banking

The next obvious step for the tattoo technology would be to integrate banking mechanics. Much like Apple Pay, a tech tattoo could be set up to facilitate payments from the user.

“This would be implemented by securely storing data on a skin mounted micro controller and transferring the data when the user specifies based on a gesture or fingerprint on a tap to pay style device,” said Ben Lamm, co-founder of Chaotic Moon.

Affordability and Accessibility

So far, Chaotic Moon has not commented on an expected price range for the upcoming tattoo technology, but they have insinuated that it will be a lot more affordable than your average fitness tech. They also hinted at the possibility of selling bulk packs bearing resemblance to a box of Band-Aids.

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