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Making the Most of Every Workout to get Bigger Biceps Fast

I was browsing Mike Chang’s SixPackShortcuts Channel on Youtube yesterday when I came across a particular biceps workout that I was shocked I’d never seen before. Mike made some very good points, teaching three key elements to quickly building bigger biceps. And best of all, you don’t have to change up your workout routine – […]

No More Excuses: Learn how to Stay Motivated for Gym Workouts

I’ve heard every excuse in the book, and have used many of them myself over the years, to avoid getting to the gym. You’re tired, you don’t have time, you’ll miss the football game, or maybe you don’t feel comfortable working out in public. No more excuses! I’ve scripted a full list of the most […]

Get Optimal Fitness Results from your Squats with a Medicine Ball

The Medicine Ball. We’ve all seen them. Most of us have used them at one time or another. But for the most part, we don’ really appreciate the benefits of that odd little round, weighted object. That’s because generally we utilize an excessive amount of weight, overexerting ourselves and thus depleting the advantages that should […]

Applying the F.I.T.T. Principle to Maximize Repetitive Workouts

For many of us, working out is something we do as a routine, and while routines are great in everyday life, when they become repetitive, they aren’t always beneficial to your fitness. For example, getting up at 6:00am and having a glass of water, healthy breakfast and leaving for work at the same time every […]

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