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Clark Shao, the New Face of Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0

Earlier this week, we talked about Mike Chang’s retirement from the phenomenally successful Six Pack Shortcuts program he founded in 2010. Today, we’ll delve further into the background of Clark Shao, Mike’s childhood friend who took over SPS with the introduction of Six Pack Shorts 2 last month. Who is Clark Shao? If you live […]

Mike Chang leaves SPS as Clark Shao Introduces Six Pack Shortcuts 2

I’ve been a follower of Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts for years now, and can personally attest to its legitimacy. Chang’s superior first-hand knowledge of fat burning techniques, particularly the ‘after-burn effect‘, was born of years’ worth of trial and error. Last month, we were introduced to the all new Six Pack Shortcuts 2 by […]

Mike Chang’s Fat Burning ‘Bullet Proof’ Coffee

I absolutely love my morning coffee. I drink several cups each day, and I honestly don’t know how I would function without it. I’m certain that many of you feel the same way, but depending on how you doctor up your morning cup of Joe, it may be working against your efforts to reduce carbs […]

Mike Chang Record for Weighted Pull-Ups Broken by Simon Diamond

Fitness gurus around the world lauded the amazing feat of Simon Diamond last month when he broke a world record originally set by workout sensation Mike Chang. With 2x 10kg weights attached to his waist, 23 year old Diamond was able to complete 16 pull-ups in one minute, surpassing Chang’s previous record of 14. The […]

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