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Ever wonder why Pro Female Athletes Rarely get Pregnant?

Did you ever notice how incredibly rare it is to hear about a professional female athlete getting pregnant? The obvious reason would be that they don’t want to. To further their career, they surely take extra precautions against pregnancy. However, scientists have discovered that highly athletic women have a lower rate of fertility. The reason for […]

Why Lap Swimming is one of the Best but most Challenging Exercises

When’s the last time you swamp multiple laps across an Olympic size pool? Unless you’re an avid swimmer, it’s probably been a very long time, if ever. But if you’re looking to get fit and tone up all over, it may be time to jump back in the water. Lap swimming is one of the […]

Back Fat got you down? Lose the Bra Bulge with Cardio and Strengthening

Our bodies retain fat in different areas, and at different levels of intensity, based on genetics. Scientific studies have already proven this. Some of us are prone to blubberous bellies, others to thunder thighs. There’s also a group of individuals who find the majority of their accumulation in back fat. Women seem to suffer from […]

NEAT: It won’t tidy your house, but it could keep you Fit

If you’ve paid attention to some of the so-called experts – personal trainers, physicians specializing in weight loss, etc. – who’ve been traveling the world and/or appearing on talk shows to speak about getting fit and healthy, you may have noticed a trend towards motivating people to move around more. I’m not talking about going […]

Everyone should start their day with this Morning Workout

I think everyone can be classified into one of two groups – morning people and non-morning people. Some of us like to wake up early and get a good, strong start to our day. The rest of us prefer to smack the ‘snooze’ button on our alarm as many times as feasibly possible without being […]

Why You Can’t Shed Weight by doing the Same Exercises Everyday

I was at the coffee shop the other day when in jogged a couple, wearing matching sweat gear and ordering fat free smoothies from the popular shoppe’s extensive beverage menu. Having just come from the gym myself, I suppose some cosmic force drew us into conversation. At one point, the topic of repetitious exercise came […]

Man vows to ‘Never Eat Cod Again’ after 30 days of The Rock’s Diet

As I wrote in a recent article, 30-Day Challenges have become incredibly popular these days. After doing a lot of research, one man decided to challenge himself to follow the exact daily diet and exercise regimen of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for 30 days. Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last decade or […]

Get Fit: The Dastardly Link between Perfectionism and Failure

Are you a perfectionist? Do you question the quality of everything you do? Could your last run have been longer? If you had just tried a little harder, could you have completed a few more squats? Maybe you stuck to your diet, but still questioned whether you should have taken a few less bites at […]

Healthy Diet and Exercise, for Fitness or Fatness?

For years, experts have debated the issue of why people should eat a healthy diet and exercise. Should they do so for fitness, or fatness? Two academic health professors compared the difference between the two finding that, while on some levels fitness and weight management go hand in hand, they are also two completely separate […]

Sensoria Smart Socks: Supreme Fitness Hardware or Really Expensive Socks?

Think back for a moment. How much was the most expensive pair of socks you ever purchased? Maybe they were name-brand socks for a suit-n-tie affair? Maybe they were more expensive due to a specially designed, form fitting arch. Diabetic socks aren’t cheap, either. But could you imagine paying $199 for a pair of socks? […]

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