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Samsung Gear IconX – An Eye for Fitness, an Earbud for Tracking

The Samsung Gear IconX is finally here. Well, it’s here in Canada, and it’s available in many eastern countries like Australia, France, Germany, Korea, Russia and the United Kingdom. Surprisingly, it hasn’t hit the US market yet, but the company says it will soon enough, and you can always have them shipped in. The obvious question […]

Video Gamers finally getting Exercise with new Pokémon Go App

The number one complaint among parents of video gaming generations is that their kids aren’t getting enough exercise. Most gamers spend hours in front of the television, staring at the screen as their fingers and thumbs do all the work. Thanks to a new conceptual app called Pokémon Go, gamers are getting exercise more than […]

Is Runkeeper Fitness App Tracking Too Much Personal Data?

Fitness apps are all the rage today. It seems every runner in the park is wearing a tracking device of some sort that collects data on their workouts and transmits it to a mobile app for user review. But are some fitness tech companies going too far in tracking their users? Tinder came under fire […]

Survey says Fitness Trackers are Fun, but Not Necessary to Maintain Health

Fitness tech has become the latest rage in exercise and athleticism. If you work out on a regular basis, chances are you either own a fitness tracker of some sort, or you’ve at least looked into buying one. But according to a recent survey by AndroidPIT, they may not be all they’re cracked up to […]

Wearable Fitness Tech: Microsoft Band 2 blows away competition

When Microsoft introduced its first wearable fitness technology, expertly titled the Microsoft Band, it was almost laughable. Yes, the company put a great deal of awesome features into it, but wearing the atrociously blocky band was awkward and uncomfortable, to say the least. But the company’s second edition, the Microsoft Band 2, is so advanced, […]

ACSM declares Wearable Fitness Technology the official Trend for 2016

Each year, trends in the fitness industry experience a proverbial swing of the pendulum as athletics drive the market in a new direction. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) studies such swings to deliver a forecast of what the next year will bring. As such, ACSM has declared 2016 the year of wearable fitness […]

Data proves Exercising in the Morning breeds Consistency and Happiness

Many fitness gurus have passed on a similar piece of advice over the years, recommending that early morning workouts promote a happier and healthier lifestyle. While there is research proving that early, there’s been no evidence that people better maintain their fitness routine, or that they’re happier for it. That is, until now. Thanks to […]

Sensoria Smart Socks: Supreme Fitness Hardware or Really Expensive Socks?

Think back for a moment. How much was the most expensive pair of socks you ever purchased? Maybe they were name-brand socks for a suit-n-tie affair? Maybe they were more expensive due to a specially designed, form fitting arch. Diabetic socks aren’t cheap, either. But could you imagine paying $199 for a pair of socks? […]

Under Armour and Sports Authority Link Data for Loyalty Benefits

Under Armour has been a leading apparel choice of athletes, fitness gurus and sports leagues across the globe since the late 1990’s. Last year, the company decided to branch out into the technology business by acquiring the fitness tracking application, MapMyFitness. Now, Under Armour and popular retail outlet, Sports Authority, and lining linking up to […]

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