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Samsung Gear IconX – An Eye for Fitness, an Earbud for Tracking

The Samsung Gear IconX is finally here. Well, it’s here in Canada, and it’s available in many eastern countries like Australia, France, Germany, Korea, Russia and the United Kingdom. Surprisingly, it hasn’t hit the US market yet, but the company says it will soon enough, and you can always have them shipped in. The obvious question […]

Samsung Praised for Gear Fit 2, major improvement over 1st Gen Fitness Tracker

In September 2013, Samsung introduced a wearable fitness tracker called the Galaxy Gear. With relatively limited features and a blatant bulkiness only The Hulk could appreciate, it wasn’t much of a success compared to slimmer, more attractive rivals. The new Samsung Gear Fit 2, however, takes the game to a whole new level. Gear Fit 2 […]

CNBC’s ‘Unscientific’ study of Fitness Bands shows Overall Inaccuracy

A recent class action lawsuit against the popular fitness tech brand, FitBit, raised the question that its heart rate monitors are grossly inaccurate. Last week, a California university – commissioned by the plaintiff’s lawyers – ran tests that agreed the fitness bands are “highly inaccurate”. So CNBC’s watchdog reporter and Senior Editor, Eric Chemi, decided […]

Superfluous Fitness Tech hitting the ‘Wearable’ Market in 2016

Technology developers are busy creating the latest and greatest wearable fitness tech. Some of the recent items we’ve found incredibly useful, or at least entertainingly informative, include the FitBit line, Smartwatches, sensor-infused socks like Sensoria and all the handy mobile apps that go along with them. But like most trends, technicians are working so fast […]

Vivomove: Sleek Analog style in a Fitness Tracker? You go, Garmin!

Some of us love the sleek, sporty design of today’s most advanced, multi-tasking fitness trackers. Then there’s those of us who prefer the classic, business-style fashion of a polished analog watch. For anyone who falls into the later group, you’ll be happy to know that’s the latest trend in fitness tracking devices. This morning, Garmin announced […]

Naked 3D Fitness Tracking Mirror raising Serious Concerns

At some point in our lives, we all looked at our bodies naked in a mirror. Those who like what they see will flex their muscles, turn side to side and revel in their achievements, while those who do not are often filled with self-loathing, and perhaps a renewed determination to better their physical appearance. But […]

Adidas Zone, the Wearable Fitness Tracker for School Kids

When the majority of us were kids, we had one of just two opinions about physical education (PE). We either LOVED it, or we HATED it! Today’s youth don’t seem to be much different, but Adidas wants to make sure that all children are getting enough physical activity while at school. The athletics brand has […]

Tech Tats: Why wear Fitness Tech when you can Tattoo it on your Skin?

There’s no question that technology is accelerating at the speed of light. Every time we turn around, there’s something newer, broader, better and more exciting happening in the tech world. In the last year or two, companies have fought to develop sleeker, more intuitive fitness technology we can wear on our bodies. Now, something called Tech […]

You have the Right to Remain Silent; but does your Fitness Tracker?

Computers, internet, laptops, smartphones, tablet PCs, and now fitness trackers – the advancement of technology in the last few decades has been incredible. Each time a new high-tech item hits the market, everyone rushes out to get one, which explains why the vast majority of today’s athletically-minded people are donning sporty new fitness trackers. While […]

Could Technology be the key to Rising Awareness for Kids Fitness?

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably told your children at least once that we didn’t grow up with all the technology they have access to today. No, we played outside, climbing trees, riding bicycles, playing sports and burning calories by default. But the struggle to separate our sedentary children from technology and get them more […]

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