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Las Cruces, NM to host Free Health and Fitness Awareness Expo

They say knowledge is power, and residents of Doña Ana County, New Mexico will have access to a wealth of information at the 2016 Las Cruces Health and Fitness Expo this Saturday. Organizers said this year’s free, family-friendly expo will focus on fitness and preventative healthcare. The Health and Fitness Expo will take place on June […]

Clark Shao, the New Face of Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0

Earlier this week, we talked about Mike Chang’s retirement from the phenomenally successful Six Pack Shortcuts program he founded in 2010. Today, we’ll delve further into the background of Clark Shao, Mike’s childhood friend who took over SPS with the introduction of Six Pack Shorts 2 last month. Who is Clark Shao? If you live […]

Richard Simmons back Home, Safe and Sound, after Hospitalization

If you know anything about fitness, you surely know of Richard Simmons. For more than 4 decades, he’s been an exercise icon, with an enthusiastic personality that’s helped countless people to stay motivated and lose weight. The 67 year old fitness guru was hospitalized over the weekend, but is now back home, safe and sound, […]

Celebrity Fitness Trainer says you Don’t Need a Perfect Celeb Body

Tracy Anderson is one of the most famous women in the fitness community. Trainer to the stars, she’s help sculpt the chiseled bodies of such celebrities as Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow. She also runs an enormously successful gym and fitness website. She says her celebrity training shouldn’t be the focus of media or her fans. […]

Sylvester Stallone joins ‘Strong’ Fitness Series to help people become “Unbreakable”

When we think about rigorous exercise, building muscle and becoming stronger, Sylvester Stallone‘s character in the famous blockbuster movie series, Rocky, often comes to mind. No other film character worked so hard to become stronger and more physically fit. The image of Stallone running up and down those steps and fisting slabs of beef are forever ingrained […]

Is Fitness and Exercise Important? This guy sure think so!

If you truly believe in something, what’s the best way to spread that message across an entire nation? One way is to take a slow trek across the United States, making pivotal stops to speak with communities and attracting media attention along the way. That’s exactly what Tommy Schneider of Chicago is setting out to […]

Six Pack Abs for Men over 40: Different Method, Same Results

As young men, a little hard work, dedication and sweat is all it takes to achieve a rock solid six pack. The older we get, the more we tend to think a rock hard body is unattainable. But that’s simply not the case. Men over 40 can achieve the same six pack abs as younger […]

Mother of 3 explains how to ‘HIIT’ the Gym when Time is Against You

Tiffany Bergan has been health conscious her entire life. Working out and staying fit was as important as anything else. Now, with three young children in tow, Tiffany admits she was near to giving up on her passion due to the ultimate time constraints, but she found a way to “HIIT” the gym without neglecting […]

New Year’s Resolutions to Get Fit that Won’t Drive you Insane

It’s almost 2016, and that means it’s time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. The majority of us will choose something designed to improve our health, whether it’s a more nutritious diet, active workout regimen, or to simply get enough rest that the body can recuperate. Fitness author and certified nutritionist Lisa Dorfman […]

Expert says Six Packs Abs are Harder for Women, but not Unattainable

For decades, we’ve watched infomercials and (more recently) YouTube videos of insanely buff men telling us how they achieved six pack abs, and how we can do it too. The one thing you may have noticed during all that time is that there aren’t too many women who flaunt the same muscular midsection. But that […]

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