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Naked 3D Fitness Tracking Mirror raising Serious Concerns

At some point in our lives, we all looked at our bodies naked in a mirror. Those who like what they see will flex their muscles, turn side to side and revel in their achievements, while those who do not are often filled with self-loathing, and perhaps a renewed determination to better their physical appearance. But […]

New Incentive Based Fitness Study very telling about People and their Money

Many businesses around the world use incentive programs to increase productivity in the workplace. Employees might receive a monthly bonus or a gift card to a popular dining establishment for exceeding demand. A simple picture depicting the ‘employee of the month’ is extremely popular. But the results of a new fitness study shows that employers […]

Meet the New Under Armour HealthBox Fitness Bundle

Under Armour has long been a top-name brand in fitness apparel, and the company’s latest endeavors have positioned them to become a high ranking member of the fitness tech industry, as well. UA unveiled a series of new items at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and while they aren’t exactly groundbreaking, their inter-synchronization could […]

Be a Part of Science: Sign Up for ‘Stick To It!’ Fitness App

Ever wish you could be a part of something bigger? Ever dream of getting physically fit? Do you find yourself procrastinating, or giving up on workout goals you had every intention of keeping? Looking back on some point in our lives, most of us can answer yes to each of these questions. After all, we’re […]

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