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Three Excuses Moms Use to Avoid Exercise, and Easy Solutions

Are you a mother with young children? Chances are, you find it very difficult to carve out enough time in your day, or even week, to get in some all-important exercise for moms. There are some very common excuses used by moms to avoid exercising, and while I’m not disputing the validity of those circumstances, […]

Scientist ‘Paying Attention’ to Effects of Exercise on ADHD

For every physical and mental ailment known to man, scientists are constantly researching new ways to prevent, treat and cure the problem. A small study was conducted at the University of Georgia to determine preliminary effects of exercise on ADHD and other mental health afflictions like depression. The study’s author, Patrick J. O’Connor, Ph.D., a Professor […]

Your Health Matters: You CAN Make Time for Exercise

If you have a full time job, a family, and a desire to get fit, I can almost guarantee that you’ve uttered the phrase, “I just don’t have time.” I empathize – I really do. The older we get, the busier our lives become. Between working, cleaning and preparing meals, it can seem very difficult to […]

Exercise and the Human Brain: Physical Fitness reduces Stress, fights Depression

Earlier this week, in an write-up focusing on the importance of combining weight loss and muscle toning, I touched on the subject of how exercise effects the brain by helping to relieve stress and anxiety. In today’s restless society, I think that’s a topic that is well worth elaborating on. Researchers have been studying the […]

Why Lap Swimming is one of the Best but most Challenging Exercises

When’s the last time you swamp multiple laps across an Olympic size pool? Unless you’re an avid swimmer, it’s probably been a very long time, if ever. But if you’re looking to get fit and tone up all over, it may be time to jump back in the water. Lap swimming is one of the […]

Making the Most of Every Workout to get Bigger Biceps Fast

I was browsing Mike Chang’s SixPackShortcuts Channel on Youtube yesterday when I came across a particular biceps workout that I was shocked I’d never seen before. Mike made some very good points, teaching three key elements to quickly building bigger biceps. And best of all, you don’t have to change up your workout routine – […]

Walk Away from MCI, Alzheimer’s: Study links Exercise to Improvements in Brain Cortex

In a revolutionary new study, doctors have discovered that moderate exercise in seniors could be the perfect preventative for developing Alzheimer’s, and may actually help to counter the effects of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI, or the early stages of Alzheimer’s). Older adults who participated in the moderate intensity exercise program saw an increase in the […]

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