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Hit Fit Boxing: The Fast, Fun way to promote Physical Fitness

I’m always scouring the web, the gym and local communities for the latest fitness trends. This time, I came across a new physical fitness explosion that’s taking gyms by storm. It’s called Hit Fit Boxing, and its certainly one of the more fun activities I’ve found of late. Hit Fit Boxing is, of course, based […]

Video Gamers finally getting Exercise with new Pokémon Go App

The number one complaint among parents of video gaming generations is that their kids aren’t getting enough exercise. Most gamers spend hours in front of the television, staring at the screen as their fingers and thumbs do all the work. Thanks to a new conceptual app called Pokémon Go, gamers are getting exercise more than […]

Get Stronger, Faster and More Powerful with Plyometric Training

If you search the web for different forms of beneficial exercise, you’ll finds hundreds of them. Weight lifting increases muscle mass, cardio is great for toning, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a quick fat burner. But if you want to increase your power – namely strength and speed – you might want to look int […]

Circus Pro launches Aerial Fitness Classes in Tampa Bay, FL

Every few months, there’s a new trend in exercising and working out. From Yoga, to Pilates, to Zumba, these trends are taking over gyms across the world. Now, the latest fad in exercise seems to be aerial fitness, and if you’ve been to a circus in the last few decades, you can surely imagine what it’s […]

The Undeniable Benefits of Interval Training to Burn Fat

There’s a great debate going on in the fitness world, and depending which side you listen to, it could have a strong impact on your fat-burning goals. For those new to exercise – those who are looking to shed fat and get fit – taking the wrong advice could turn a worthy, well-meaning goal into […]

New Study Discredits ‘Fat but Fit is Healthy’; Better to be Lean and Unfit

A new study published in Oxford’s International Journal of Epidemiology has targeted the popular theory that it’s okay to be obese, so long as your fit; commonly referred to as the ‘fat but fit’ philosophy. The study, which examined 1.3 million Swedish men, found that the lifespan of a lean individual who undergoes no aerobic […]

Back to Basics: Benefits of Step Aerobics and how to Make it Better

If you’re a product of the 80’s, or anything older, you probably remember when Step Aerobics came around. Even if you were too young to think about fitness back then, it was all over the television and making huge waves at gyms around the world. Nearly three decades later, it may see outdated, but step […]

The Crunning Movement: Grab your Gloves, it’s Time to Exercise!

To all you fitness fanatics out there, we’ve unearthed a new exercise trend that may soon make its way to the western hemisphere. It’s recently been labeled “Crunning”; a combination of crawling and running, and yes – it’s exactly what you just imagined. As ridiculous as it may sound, groups of exercise gurus are getting […]

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