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Don’t Fall Victim to these Crazy Fitness Myths

I’ve heard of some crazy ideas relating to diets and workouts before. Some of them actually have merit, but the majority are nothing more than B.S. We’ll take a look at 3 of the craziest fitness myths that entirely too many people have fallen for. Just a Six Pack Please – Crunch, Crunch, Crunch! Being […]

Don’t be Skinny and Squishy – Lose Weight and Tone Muscle at the same time

New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and get fit are incredibly common. Unfortunately, so is the rate of failure. Winter weather is one of the most common excuses to give up. Now that spring is here, we don’t have to spend money at the gym to get a good workout. It’s not just about losing […]

Back Fat got you down? Lose the Bra Bulge with Cardio and Strengthening

Our bodies retain fat in different areas, and at different levels of intensity, based on genetics. Scientific studies have already proven this. Some of us are prone to blubberous bellies, others to thunder thighs. There’s also a group of individuals who find the majority of their accumulation in back fat. Women seem to suffer from […]

Is Fitness and Exercise Important? This guy sure think so!

If you truly believe in something, what’s the best way to spread that message across an entire nation? One way is to take a slow trek across the United States, making pivotal stops to speak with communities and attracting media attention along the way. That’s exactly what Tommy Schneider of Chicago is setting out to […]

Study shows Healthy Diet and Exercise slows Aging and Age-Related Diseases

Growing up, most of us were taught the importance of a healthy diet and exercise. We may have heard it from our parents, our teachers, or other mentors, but in our youth, we tend to wave off such warnings. ‘Who are these people to give such unqualified advice?’ we ask. ‘We are young and free, […]

Why You Can’t Shed Weight by doing the Same Exercises Everyday

I was at the coffee shop the other day when in jogged a couple, wearing matching sweat gear and ordering fat free smoothies from the popular shoppe’s extensive beverage menu. Having just come from the gym myself, I suppose some cosmic force drew us into conversation. At one point, the topic of repetitious exercise came […]

The Dangers and Warning Signs of Yo-Yo Dieting

If you’re anything like me and countless other people, you became overweight and started dieting at a young age. I was in my teens, and I now feel that’s the worst time, mostly because of social pressure, awkwardness and, all-too-often, bullying. We have this mentality that we must lose the weight immediately, and the end […]

Man vows to ‘Never Eat Cod Again’ after 30 days of The Rock’s Diet

As I wrote in a recent article, 30-Day Challenges have become incredibly popular these days. After doing a lot of research, one man decided to challenge himself to follow the exact daily diet and exercise regimen of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for 30 days. Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last decade or […]

Exercise till the Cows Come Home, you still won’t Lose Weight without a Healthy Diet

For decades, we’ve been mentally trained to believe that burning calories through exercise is the number one priority when trying to lose weight. The more exercise you do, the more calories you’ll burn, thus the more weight you’ll lose. Numerous research studies are now contradicting that claim. The ‘more exercise = more calories burned’ theory […]

No One Wants to Exercise When Sick, but Expert Says you’ll Heal Faster

Exercise is great for the body – there’s no arguing that point. But most of us can admit that, when we’re sick, the last thing we want to do is work out. We often feel tired, achy and far too drained of energy to even consider doing a little exercise. But one expert says getting […]

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