Why You Can’t Shed Weight by doing the Same Exercises Everyday

I was at the coffee shop the other day when in jogged a couple, wearing matching sweat gear and ordering fat free smoothies from the popular shoppe’s extensive beverage menu. Having just come from the gym myself, I suppose some cosmic force drew us into conversation. At one point, the topic of repetitious exercise came up, and it’s compelled me to share some (apparently) little-known knowledge with all of you today.

Now these two weren’t obese or anything, but they had a few extra pounds on them. Being married for 15 years with a few kids can do that to a couple, so I was told.

Lose WeightAs we spoke, the husband mentioned that they’d been jogging together five times a week since the start of the new year (gotta love resolutions!), but after dropping a few pounds in the first two weeks, they didn’t seem to be losing any more weight.

I asked them if they did anything other forms of exercise, and wasn’t too surprised when they said no. The wife said they couldn’t really afford gym memberships and figured that jogging would be a great way to work out together and lose weight.

While jogging is a great way to exercise, get the blood flowing and increase your heart health, as well as stamina, doing the same exercise every day is not a good way to burn calories, which is what your body needs to shed pounds.

What happens is your body quickly reaches a plateau. Your muscles become accustomed to doing the same thing, and before long, your body simply won’t benefit from the exercise anymore. It’s like reading the same educational book over and over. You may still enjoy the book, but you’re not really learning anything from it anymore.

If you want to burn calories, I told them they need to start mixing up their routine. Money shouldn’t be an issue, either. There are plenty of Youtube videos by Mike Chang and other reputable trainers that show you how to achieve a great upper body workout with nothing more than a hand-towel.

Jogging is still good, but should only be done once or twice a week, sometimes for longer intervals, and other times at a faster pace to mix things up. Cycling, swimming and lifting are also good ways to work out other muscle groups on the other days.

If you’re into strength training, don’t do the same exercises everyday. Instead of doing short reps on every machine the gym has to offer, work on your upper body one day, lower body another day, and your core somewhere in between.

HIIT (high intensity interval training) is one of the best ways to burn calories fast. The idea is to rotate your workouts from fast to slow, and back again. Even if running is your only option, you can still make it work. Try jogging at a slow to moderate pace for 300 meters, then running as fast as you can for the next 200 meters. Rinse and repeat.

All of these methods will help to maximize the amount of calories you’re burning, helping to lose weight steadily rather than hitting that frustrating plateau after a few weeks and getting nowhere fast.

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