Stop Looking at the Mirror and Rather at the Movement!

Men and women alike spend way too much time looking at themselves in the mirror at the gym. Have you even caught yourself having arrived to the gym for no more than 10 minutes and then begin looking at the mirror in hope that your muscles have already exploded or that you’ve lost 10lbs? My guess is so, and I’m here to tell you to that unless you’re looking at form you better cut the crap so that you can get the real cut!

I know you probably just curled some heavy weight and want to look in the gym mirrors (which by the way, are usually designed to reflect either a pumped up or skinnier version of a person depending where the mirror is placed) to see how much those pipes have blown up after 10 reps, but I’m here to tell you this will slow you down. What you should consider is that as soon as those weights are dropped after a set, grab some more and do the next set right away to keep the blood flowing and the muscles expanding.

The more you stop in between sets the more you’ll get caught up in the idea that checking out your muscles is more important that actually working on them in the gym. Make use of your time while at the gym and don’t let an opportunity to get an extra set in slip by, otherwise the rate at which you improve will be affected. And lets face it, you are trying to get cut quickly, so this advice can only be of help.

After you take these steps then maybe further down the road you can walk into the gym all buff and showing off the tanks and awesome cut you got, but for the time being there needs to be a more practical approach to your workout, so realizing little things like this are important. After all, it’s the little things along the way that make the biggest differences, right?

On the other hand, if you like having conversations with yourself in the mirror and feel that cursing at your reflection is a way to get you pumped, by all means do that at the gym. Make sure, however, that you are use to the feelings of handcuffs around those thin wrists when psychiatry ward comes and drags you away following your scare of fellow gym enthusiasts. It’s unfortunate that they saw a different reflection of you, but hey, it happens, so keep it cool and look to your workout then the mirror.

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