Be a Part of Science: Sign Up for ‘Stick To It!’ Fitness App

Ever wish you could be a part of something bigger? Ever dream of getting physically fit? Do you find yourself procrastinating, or giving up on workout goals you had every intention of keeping? Looking back on some point in our lives, most of us can answer yes to each of these questions. After all, we’re ‘Only Human’.

You guessed it – that was a clever pun. WNYC Studios’ Only Human, a podcast about multifarious health topics—everything from biosynthesis to shopping for healthcare—wants to help all of the physically inept, willpower-deprived, procrastinators of the world ‘Stick To It!

Yes, another pun there – sorry. ‘Stick To It’ is the name of the new fitness app being launched as part of a scientific study aimed at motivating individuals to accomplish their goals.

Dan ArielyIf you’ve subscribed to a gym membership, the app will help you maintain your desired routine. If you intend to hop on a treadmill each night before bed, ‘Stick To It’ can remind and encourage you to do so. Just how the fitness app accomplishes this, however, is a mystery.

You see, the program is a part of a genuine scientific study, and anyone who wants to be a part of it is welcome to Sign Up and Download the Stick To It Fitness App. And because this is a real study, spearheaded by Only Human in partnership with esteemed behavioral economist and best-selling author, Dan Ariely (pictured left) of the Duke Center for Advanced Hindsight, revealing all of its directives could bias the results.

What you Can Know About the Fitness App

How to get it: After subscribing to the program, you’ll receive an email on January 5, 2016 with a link to download the Stick To It fitness app. Links will be provided for Android or Apple iOS.

How it works: The app is designed to take myriad approaches to motivating its users. Once opened, each app is randomly assigned one of the motivational exercise methods. Users are asked to follow the instructions provided…

Expectations: Once downloaded, the user will customize the app with their own fitness goals. It could be going to the gym 3 times a week, doing yoga twice a week, or running around the neighborhood 5 times a week. The user will simply enter the exercise(s) and schedule they wish to maintain.

The fitness app will deliver messages on a daily basis from January 5 to the end of February. All data will be automatically sent back to Ariely’s lab for analysis. Then on March 8, 2016, a podcast on Only Human will deliver the results of the study.

Only Human Stick To It water bottlePrior to the podcast, all users will be invited to participate in an exclusive online chat with Dan Ariely to discuss the program and ask any questions they may have. The time and date for the exclusive chat will be revealed via the app as the study approaches its end.

Incentive: Everyone who participates in the study will be entered into a prize drawing where they could win… ~drum roll~… a water bottle! Oh, don’t look so disappointed. It’s a really nice water bottle with the “Only Human, Stick To It” logo, a pull-top spout and sleek, aerodynamic design. And who doesn’t love the color teal?

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