Sylvester Stallone joins ‘Strong’ Fitness Series to help people become “Unbreakable”

sylvester-stalloneWhen we think about rigorous exercise, building muscle and becoming stronger, Sylvester Stallone‘s character in the famous blockbuster movie series, Rocky, often comes to mind. No other film character worked so hard to become stronger and more physically fit. The image of Stallone running up and down those steps and fisting slabs of beef are forever ingrained in our memories.

That was 40 years ago, but Sly is still at it, and is arguably one of the best looking and most physically pristine 69 year old men you’ll ever lay eyes on. Fitness is not a goal, but a lifestyle for the award-winning actor, director, screenwriter and producer.

His passion for fitness, and a desire to share that passion with everyone else, led him to join the team behind a new reality television series called Strong. Stallone is an executive producer on the show, alongside Dave Broome (creator), Kevin King Templeton and Holly Wofford.

Hosted by fitness expert and professional volleyball player Gabrielle Reece, the 10-episode fitness series will exhibit 10 ordinary women with a desire to improve their mental and physical capacity. Each woman will be paired with one of the nation’s elite male fitness trainers, who will put them through a series of elaborate challenges designed to push their limits and make them – as the show’s name implies – stronger.

Although the number one reward for each contestant will be any physical enhancements they achieve throughout the experience, there’s more incentive on the line. The team of woman-and-trainer who win the reality TV contest by accomplishing the most success will receive a cash prize of up to $500,000, depending on how well they perform throughout.

StrongSylvester Stallone spoke at a press conference, where he answered questions about his interest in the reality TV fitness series, ‘Strong‘.

“I’ve always been very, very interested in physical culture,” he said when asked why he wanted to be a part of the reality fitness series. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”

He said he honestly believes anyone can achieve the same level of lifelong fitness he has. “You follow a certain curriculum, and I know it can be done because I’m not a genetic freak or anything.  It’s just been a lifestyle, and this allows me to see it applied to everyday people.”

Stallone said becoming stronger, mentally and physically, is a choice we can all make, but that it often takes life’s hardest circumstances to get people to that precipice. “We get to a certain point and it becomes negative, and every day gets tougher and every month and every year, and the problems compound,” said Stallone.

That’s the point where people are faced with the ultimate decision. “Either I’m just going to go down the drain, I’m going to have life put its foot on my chest, or I’m not going to be broken anymore,” explained Stallone.

“I think the fact that this is going on national television, people will say, ‘Hey I can do that.  That’s me. I share in that,'” he said. “That’s all it is. Someone just to break the dam and just say, ‘You know what?  I’m tired of being broken.  I want to be unbreakable.'”

The first two episodes of Strong aired on consecutive days, Wednesday, April 13 (S1:Ep1 Welcome to STRONG, Balls to the Wall) and Thursday, April 14 (S1:Ep2 Friends and Frenemies) on NBC. The next episode airs tonight, Thursday, April 21, at 8:00pm ET.

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