John Rowley on The Six Pack Shortcuts Story

According to a recent interview with Mike Chang on the John Rowley podcast, Mike started working when he was 14 years old as a door-to-door salesman selling the Houston Chronicle and continued his career in sales until the age of 20 selling everything from car wash packages, gym memberships, and cell phones. Chang said he had great sales pitches planned out for each job he took and was “really good” at what he did, earning anywhere between US$2,000-2,500 a month. Chang said he came from a poor family and that he worked Monday-Saturday 4:30pm-9:30pm as a means to support himself throughout school. Chang did not reveal if he later went onto college or at what age he began the Sixpack Shortcuts program.

In the interview, Chang noted that he also started working out from the age of 14 and was really enthusiastic about it, but that his progress fluctuated due to his busy lifestyle. “I would get big, and then lean and then big again, but could never really stay on a specific cycle,” said Chang. Sometimes things seemed to work while at other times he found himself tired and gaining weight not proportionate to his muscle mass.

After bulking up and leaning down, Chang said that after doing this for several years he finally came to the realization for a new type of nutrition to complement working out. Chang said pushing the body to do the same exercises over and over is good and the body will naturally gain muscle, but won’t necessarily bring about a lean body. Therefore, people need to pay attention to their vegetable intake, protein and carbs as a means to get big and stay slim.

Mike said eating proteins such as lean chicken breasts and eggs in addition to light carbs such as oatmeal and sweet potatoes as well as any kind of vegetable people like is a great way to achieve this goal. People working out should eat 4-5 times a day or whenever they are hungry. In terms of proportion, each meal should be a fist and a half size. Sound difficult to achieve? Mike says he cooks all his meals for each week one day a week and then stores them in his fridge for easy convenience.

To drop more fat, keep the veggies and protein the same and drop the carbs, said Chang, adding that in order to increase muscle and keep the fat a person should just increase carbs. Mike also said that people need to stop overthinking their strategies and stick to what gives them results. Often, people tend to chase new ideas or change their diet plans after seeing results when instead they should continue to follow what has been helping them. Stick with what works.

Surprisingly, Chang did not go into much detail about his afterburn effect methods but those can be found on his website in detail.

Later in the interview, Mike revealed that he has a team of about 15 on board doing sales, marketing and video editing. Mike also believes in using whiteboards, has pull-up bars spread across the office and requires his work staff to do 5 minutes non-stop exercise every morning in order to stay healthy and fulfill his vision of helping everyone become healthy. Mike says he usually gets to the office at around 9:30-10am, works out for about 90 minutes and then handles his business affairs later in the day. The Sixpack Shortcuts team has all their meals catered and delivered to their office.

Unfortunately, Mike was cautious about how he and his partner Dan Rose got started initially but rumor has it that Dan saw Mike in a gym and approached him. However it started, Chang now has the biggest online workout platform and YouTube channel on the web and his success continues on.

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