Are Mike Chang’s six-pack workouts real?

The simple answer to that question is yes. If you have watched any of Mike Chang’s videos on YouTube you probably know that he goes the extra mile to show people the most effective ways to get a ripped body. And why? It’s not just for some marketing gimmick; Chang is passionate about what he does and believes that by sharing with people what he knows not only will he benefit, but also so will others.

In the videos, including his special DVD series (which is highly recommended for people really looking to learn in-depth workouts for a ripped body and abs), Mike sweats his ass off in front of the camera to show you what he does and for how long. Did you see the sweat dripping down his face? That is no gimmick, nor was there any special camera tricks used or special props that poured water on him throughout the video. The same things he shows you are the same things he uses to work out. It really is that simple, and so is building muscle and getting the pumped up and lean look you are looking for if you pay attention and work hard at what he teaches.

There are no other trainers online that are revealing their techniques so in depth. Most other trainers do not want to show their whole workouts, the amount of times they do certain exercise and at what weights, yet alone diets and high enthusiasm the way the Changmeister does so. And why is that? Because they feel they will go out of business and that no one will want to get personal trainers if everything is presented online.

While there may be some truth to that, Mike doesn’t believe that people will phase out the possibility of finding more personalized trainers on a one-on-one basis in the future; but rather, understands that each individual’s situation is unique and that the only option a person may have is referencing a DVD. More so, Chang believes that having all the right techniques bundled up in a DVD series is the most effective way for people and their busy lives these days. Besides, this is the 21st century and whether we want to admit it or not things are on the web to stay.

And what an effective and awesome DVD series the guys at Six Pack Shortcuts put together. The content includes more in-depth lifting and six-pack exercises; diet plans and cardio recommendations for all sorts of levels; as well as a good sense of humor that makes you feel like Chang is communicating with you personally on a helpful manner, rather than in a condescending “you’ll never make it approach” like some trainers.

Mike also goes through each exercise with you and pushes you the way a coach pushes his team on the field. He also shows you good posture as well as pre- and post- workout stretching as to avoid injury. All of this together is a rarity for DVD workouts these days, at least to the extent at which Mike does it.

Believe me, there is no way that Chang has gone to such lengths in making videos simply only to trick people, and his continuing success on YouTube coupled with testimonials and reviews from users of his products are proof of that. If anyone is sick of trying all sorts of ways for getting a ripped body and feels that they want an awesome plan that will bring them the kind of ripped results they are looking for, then the Six Pack Shortcuts route is for you. You definitely will be thankful for the investment.

So don’t worry, purchasing a Six Pack Shortcuts series is not going to lead you into some hole of oblivion where you get tricked into doing something fake and unnatural. The best way to test this though is by first working out to the YouTube videos and making a decision as to whether the workouts are for you. This way you will be able to make an informed decision and see if the results speak to you in a so-called “real” or “fake” way.

I must warn you though… your results are likely to exceed your expectations!

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