Six Pack Abs for Men over 40: Different Method, Same Results

As young men, a little hard work, dedication and sweat is all it takes to achieve a rock solid six pack. The older we get, the more we tend to think a rock hard body is unattainable. But that’s simply not the case. Men over 40 can achieve the same six pack abs as younger guys; it just takes a slightly different approach.

mark-mcilyarAt age 49, Mark Mcilyar could no longer deny that he had become unhealthy and out of shape. His posture was bad, a spare tire had formed around his belly, and he was beginning to feel the effects of age wearing at his aching joints. Through multiple phases of trial and error, Mark was able to discover the secret to men over 40 getting six pack abs.

If you’re already familiar with Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts, you may recognize the name Mark Mcilyar. Now 53 years old, his ‘Abs After 40’ workout and hormone rejuvenation methods have gained such recognition that Mark was invited to promote his product on Chang’s website, as well as posting videos on the SixPackShortcuts YouTube Channel.

In one of his most recent videos, Mark explained, “there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to workouts and nutrition – especially if we are talking about guys in varying age groups. With men over 40, we are talking about a whole new set of rules. Different metabolisms, different mobility, and different hormone levels.”

Mark contends that following workout routines designed for, and conducted by, younger men, won’t have the same results on a man who’s surpassed the 40-year mark. “This is one of the main reasons why most men over 40 are in bad shape,” says Mcilyar.

“They try workout advice that is meant for younger guys or meant for bodybuilders and they get injured, discouraged and may even just flat out give up.”

Mark goes on to give older guys three solid tips for getting a six pack, including how to jump start their hormones, avoid injury, and perform the right exercises.

Increasing Testosterone

Mark stresses the importance of “performing exercises that are built to optimize their growth hormones and T-level.” He says the key is “multi-joint exercises… such as body weight squats or lunges”. These exercises get a series of muscle groups and joints working together, naturally triggering a boost in the body’s testosterone production.

Avoid Exercises that Strain the Neck/Spine

You may naturally think that sit ups and crunches are the direct route to six pack abs, but in men over 40, they are more accurately a direct route to the chiropractor. Mark urges older men to avoid these “outdated movements at all costs.”

Mark’s techniques are specifically designed to target the core muscles of the abdomen – obliques, rectus and transversus – without a high risk of injury. His recommended exercises include things like lateral lunges, decline push-ups, reverse plank kicks, bench dips, and shoulder touch planks.

No More High Impact Cardio

Mark says that, once men hit 40, high impact cardio becomes more of a danger than a benefit. Such intensity has a “higher risk of injury and truly yields no benefits beyond what low impact cardio can offer the body,” said Mcilyar.

Instead of increasing the intensity in resistance training, he recommends decreasing rest periods. “The shorter you make your rest periods between exercises, the greater your heart rate will be which means more overall calories burned,” and that translates to the same fat-burning benefits of high impact cardio in younger men.

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