Mike Chang Record for Weighted Pull-Ups Broken by Simon Diamond

Fitness gurus around the world lauded the amazing feat of Simon Diamond last month when he broke a world record originally set by workout sensation Mike Chang. With 2x 10kg weights attached to his waist, 23 year old Diamond was able to complete 16 pull-ups in one minute, surpassing Chang’s previous record of 14.

Simon Diamond breaks Mike Chang's Lifting Record

Simon Diamond attempts lifting record at Larches and Savick ABC Boxing Academy
photo courtesy Lancashire Evening Post

The British bodybuilder has been toning his physique since he was a young teenager, and his dedication to the sport has only grown stronger with age. A former student of the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), Diamond said that, since breaking Chang’s record, as well as another squatting record previously held by Olympic cyclist Robert Förstemann of Germany, he has plans to turn pro in 2016.

“I’ve been lifting weights since I was about 14,” said Diamond, “but I really started to take my fitness seriously about two or three years ago.” He went on to say that, in the last few years, “I’ve been training as a bodybuilder and I’m hoping to compete professionally in May.”

Before taking on the monumental task, Diamond dedicated his world record attempts to two influential people in his life. First, he dedicated the feat to a special friend who passed away recently. “Her name is Carly Potts,” said Diamond, describing her as “one of the most bubbly, witty, positive people I’ve ever met in my life.

“I’d also like to dedicate this to my nephew,” he said, who had just been born a few days prior. “His name is Harry… and I want you to see this today as proof whatever you do in life, you will get what you desire.”

Simon Diamond – The Ultimate Squatter

After powering his way through 16 weighted pull-ups, Simon took on a second world record for the “sickest squats”.

These types of squats require a person to shoulder a barbell equal to their own body weight, performing as many squats as possible in 5 minutes. The total is calculated as the average number of squats per minute.

Robert Förstemann, who competed on the German Olympic sprint cycling team in 2012, previously held the “sickest squats” record, and if you’ve ever seen the man’s thighs (officially measured at a circumference of 73 centimeters, or 29 inches – see photo right), you can understand why.

Simon Diamond surpassed Förstemann’s record by accomplishing an average of 20 ‘sickest squats’ per minute.

After successfully achieving his second world record in a single day, Diamond said he was “feeling fine”. Surely the adrenaline pumping through his veins helped out, but I imagine he awoke with a few sore muscles the next morning.

Inspiration for Disadvantaged Youth

If Simon’s dedication and world record accomplishments weren’t impressive enough, his current day job with Youth Action group NCS Lancashire certainly is. When he’s not sculpting his muscles, the 23 year old natural bodybuilder is working closely with underprivileged youths, encouraging them to take up sports as a way to strengthen their bodies and minds.

Diamond said that his decision to take on the records of Chang and Förstemann was motivated by more than self-empowerment. Not only would it give him the confidence and notoriety to transition to a professional career in bodybuilding, he also hopes it will inspire his young students, proving that “effort, planning and preparation” will allow them to accomplish all of their goals in life.


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