Mike Chang Is Sexy-And He Knows It

I don’t know about you, but as a woman I am head over heels for the Six Pack Shortcuts front man Mike Chang. When I first saw Chang on YouTube, honestly, and I am embarrassed to say this, but I felt a tingling sensation throughout my body, so much that I began to sweat and had to leave my computer to go for a walk and calm down. Granted, it was the beginning of Spring at that time-flowers were blooming, the weather heating up, and my energies increasing-yet, this was not like any other YouTube experience I ever had. Emotionally, seeing and thinking about Mike Chang has been a roller coaster, one of which filled with all sorts of thrills and even chills, but until now I still cannot get enough.

Looking back to the initial experience, I think what attracted me the most was Chang’s abs and how they aligned perfectly with his broad chest and shoulders. And those red chocolate like nipples that Hershey’s kisses could not match, my god, those got my excited. Chang’s gregarious and sweet expressions into the camera also made me feel like I was the only woman in the world working out with him, and I felt like I was being swept off my feet when he would get on the ground and start doing pushups. The sweat and intensity on his face excited me and as the sweat trickled down onto his body cover his chest, which under those camera lights, made him glimmer and shine like no other.

But then again perhaps those were the hormones talking. As I stood up to go for a walk, images of Chang raced across my mind, seeping into every breath I took. Was I in love? No, that’s silly. I felt like a schoolgirl again reminiscing over her long-lost love though, which conflicted me, as I knew like him and Chang- they were something I could never have.

But what I did have was a connection to Mike. Whether it was in my hormones running through all parts of my body or an unexplored part in my heart in which Mike ostensibly seemed to only have the key to unlock, or at least awaken, he seems to be lingering about. I think in short what it comes down to is that he is just downright sexy, and my oh my, does he turn me on. I wish my man, whenever he comes about, will have a body like his.

It gets hard sometimes when I see him interacting with that cunt co-star Stacy or whatever her name is (like I care…). As a woman do you know what I mean? What business does she have being up there dictating Mike’s every move. He is in command and knows how to take command. Get her mug off the screen and get the focus back on Mike like we all want to see.

Without giving her too much attention, I just wanna say that while it may sound like an obsession I think it is more of an intense attraction I have with Mike Chang, one of which while I do let it get carried away, especially when I am showering, is otherwise at bay during my daily life. Ladies, and probably even some guys know what I’m talking about, yea? I’m getting too excited, better to stop here.

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