Sensoria Smart Socks: Supreme Fitness Hardware or Really Expensive Socks?

Think back for a moment. How much was the most expensive pair of socks you ever purchased? Maybe they were name-brand socks for a suit-n-tie affair? Maybe they were more expensive due to a specially designed, form fitting arch. Diabetic socks aren’t cheap, either. But could you imagine paying $199 for a pair of socks? Probably not. But if you’re an avid runner, you just might change your mind.

Sensoria Fitness Smart SocksSensoria Fitness, makers of the Smart Fitness T-Shirt for men and Smart Fitness Bra for women that come with built-in sensors that connect to a magnetic heart rate monitor that attaches directly to the shirt (no more chest straps!), has come out with—you guessed it—Smart Socks. And if the price tag didn’t give it away, yes – they are smarter than the average bear… er, socks.

The fitness apparel and technology company has infused a pair of high-quality athletic socks with inline sensors. The sensors run in three lines down the front and side of the foot, wrapping around to the bottom of the feet. Made form “proprietary 100% textile” materials, you’d never know they were there based on the feel of wearing them.

Around the top of each sock is where the magic happens. A small black strip lays across the front of the ankle, which magnetically connects to an electronic anklet. The anklet wraps about halfway around the front of the ankle, and transmits all of the information picked up by the sensors back to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Before you ask, yes… there’s an app for that!

There’s also a charger for the magnetic anklet, so don’t forget to charge it up overnight along with your smartphone, tablet, Fitbit and all your other fancy high-tech gadgets.

What Can the Smart Socks Do?

With the Sensoria Fitness Smart Socks successfully paired to your Android (OS 4.3+), iPhone (iOS 8+) or Windows Phone (8.x), a wealth of information is provided. Not only that, the app’s feminine audio bot, Mara, relays all of the information back to you over the phone so you’re not constantly pulling out your device to check the status. And you can set often the information is relayed, anywhere form every minute to every hour. You can also listen to music, because Mara will override the volume just long enough to deliver her messages.

The Smart Socks track all kinds of valuable and superbly accurate information, including everything from step counting, speed, distance, altitude and calories, to cadence and foot landing techniques. You’ll will find out exactly what area of each foot you’re landing on with every step, and Mara will let you know if you need to adjust your step to avoid injury-prone running styles, like ball-striking and heel-striking.

How Does it Look?

Sensoria Fitness Smart Socks Rolled DownConcerned about fashion? Sensoria thought of that, too. After all, no one wants to run around looking like they have a police-issued ankle monitor on their leg!

The socks were designed with an elongated cuff at the top that can be rolled over to cover the anklet, not only giving it a more discreet appearance (see photo right), but also protecting the anklet from loss should the magnetic hold give way during an extra hard run.

What Do You Get for $199?

Out of the box, the Sensoria Fitness Smart Socks come with two pairs of socks, one electronic anklet, one anklet charger and a Sensoria Fitness mobile app to track everything. You can purchase additional pairs of socks for $49 each, or an extra anklet for $159.

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