Review-Is Insane Home Fat Loss good?

We definitely think so. The program has comprehensive workouts that help you lose body fat in addition to toning your muscles.

Mike Chang and his co-host(s) take you through a variety of exercises in his videos that are meant to be fun, yet highly effective.

Here are some of the main points and philosophy Mike uses to coach you throughout the Insane Home Fat Loss videos:

1. Lose the equipment. Complex equipment is less effective because it doesn’t allow you to use all your muscles at once, and they are a waste of money. Your body is the most effective tool so use it!

2. Keep it short. Mike Chang’s fat loss workouts are no longer than 20 minutes. The longer and slower your cardio is the more it eats your muscles and doesn’t speed up your metabolism. Short intensive workouts are key.

3. Therefore, keep it intense! Crank up the intensity in shorter periods and make sure the workouts are insane. Push yourself to the max. Use interval training. Do something as fast and hard as you can for 30 seconds and then take a short break for 15 seconds. This is much more affective than constantly looking at the clock and realizing you still have 30 minutes left. This is demoralizing and it sucks.

4. Use your whole body. Combine the upper and lower body to get a balance, which makes your workouts way more tense and effective.

5. Consistency above all. Do them consistently in order to make the best of them.

Why does Mike Chang emphasize these points? Don’t they seem contradictive to mainstream workout belief?

First off, almost every exercise video you see on TV claiming to help people lose body fat is nothing more than glorified dance aerobics filled with empty promises of beauty and life-changing fat-loss experiences. Those are fake and need to be stayed away from, as they are built on the premise that the more calories you burn the more fat you lose. While the idea of having to burn more calories to lose more fat may seem logical, one thing needs to be kept in mind-your metabolism.

It is popularly believed that you need to burn more calories during your workouts in order to keep the fat off in the long-term. However, the key lies in keeping your metabolism burning fast even when you are not working out. A major key to develop this is through intense exercises that work on muscle rather than trying to get fat to disappear from your body.


You might be thinking to yourself right now “Well I don’t want to get all bulky, just lean and cut.” Mike Chang understands that and emphasizes in his Insane Home Fat Loss videos that his techniques don’t leave you ripped, but instead build storage compartments in the body for storing the fat that enters. This is very important in order to prevent fat from directly flowing to your thighs, stomach, love handles and other places you don’t desire, and keeps your metabolism flowing even when you are not working out.

If that seems confusing, think of it another way. Typical cardio workouts don’t build muscles so when people stop their running or don’t continue to increase their running they set themselves up to put on weight later on. That’s because the nature of the exercise is built on endurance rather than telling the body that it needs to lose weight fast and that any fat that enters needs to be stored away into muscle compartments. There are many athletes who do this and lose weight very fast as a result.

Your metabolism can be increased or decreased depending on the workouts you do, which are also highlighted in the videos. The best part is, all of the Mike Chang exercises are 100% body weight workouts with no equipment. As a former “fat person” later turned Fat Loss Specialist, Mike Chang shows how to kick start metabolism, how to keep it going, and what kind of workouts you should be doing based on your level.

There are 6 hours of video training, one-on-one training and an E-book that has diet tips. There is a 60-day refund as well, so we think it’s an awesome deal and therefore highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to seriously lose fat and get cut.

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