How Qigong and Working Out Are Connected

There are many topics and articles that discuss the health benefits of working out, whether it be cardio or lifting and these exercises’ relation to the heart, muscles, blood circulation and mental being. However, few experts talk about the energy form that is circulating throughout and bringing balance and harmony throughout the body as a result of the exercises.

Qi, which is also sometimes spelled “Chi” is arguably that bond. Qi is a relatively new concept for Westerners but has been around in Chinese thinking and medical practice for thousands of years that describe a life force or energy, which is constantly flowing though everything and composing the very foundations of existence. In the case of the human body, every organ, muscle and tissue has Qi in it and it is only when Qi is circulating and smooth does the body maintain in good health.

Working out is one method of stimulating Qi in the body. When the body’s organs or muscles are activated, be it through walking, running, lifting or other healthy physical activities, energy circulates and enters the body parts that are being stimulated. This allows the body to function and arguably heal itself more properly.

To think of Qi as an analogy, imagine a car. Within the car there are various components that when working together allow the car to move. The car is the body and the components the different organs and muscle groups. But what makes the car move is an energy source (fuel, hydrogen or whatever) in addition to oil, which is akin to Qi in the body. The oil needs to be changed, just like how the body’s movements need to be changed in order to stimulate different muscle groups, and needs to be refilled. The refilling means the body continues to exercise in order to stay healthy and the Qi is the force in which the body pumps from.

Qi doesn’t really end in the body and is a constantly moving process. However, it does get stuck sometimes, which is often when people get sick or have an injury. In order to activate the Qi in the body it needs stimulation either through physical or mental activities. All these activities occur in the body and are run by the fuel of Qi, which is governing the body’s health.

But what proof do we have? Why not believe there is only muscle in relation to tissue in relation to blood flow etc. and none of this hocus pocus about invisible energy is real? To answer this accusation we need to look at practitioners of Qi stimulation, which also means someone who practices Qigong.

There are Qigong practitioners who do not do any strenuous exercise and look vibrant, healthy, well aware and free of sickness. These practitioners can be seen on YouTube teaching basic Qi techniques that involve very little movement and yet cause people to sweat profusely due to energy circulation in the body. Simply by stimulating energy to circulate the body produces sweat, which then helps detoxify and strengthen related organs including the heart, lungs as well as skin. The practices also send Qi into the muscles allowing them to benefit as well, albeit no movement. There was minimal muscle usage and yet the body feels as if it has just released countless endorphins and energy that revitalizes one’s energy both physically and mentally.

The results from understanding the basis of the body’s energy are amazing. People who focus on Qi stimulation throughout the body as the true basis upon which the body operates typically live long and healthy lives. This is not to say that Qigong should be considered a sole practice and that exercising is bad. To get to the level where one can simply rely on Qi and exercise very little takes practice, but it proves the point that the fundamentals behind exercising is Qi running through the body.

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