Pre-Workout Options

When we think of the best way to boost our energy at the gym for a workout we need to think about what can be done beforehand. Often, guys only think about what results they expect to see at the gym and don’t take into consideration enough the preparation beforehand. This is akin to only imagining the results you will see at a job interview and not doing any preparation. The results could turn out ok, but most likely will be lesser than expected.

Before beginning anything we need to be prepared. For the body to work out, it needs to be energized for improved lifting, loose for reduced risk of injury and focused for optimal results. Here are some tips for these three main areas through pre-workout alternatives to help you improve your workouts.

 Pre-Workout Supplements

Before popping pills considering eating a smoothie. Make sure to add fruits such as banana and papaya mixed with protein and green power food. Protein helps eat away fat and fruit and vegetables give energy and provide ample fiber. Additionally, consider eating some peanuts, granola or oatmeal, as these foods will not leave you bloated and yet provide enough energy for the body to build off.

Moreover, one type of drink that is almost completely neglected in the workout world but provides amazing results for fat burning is tea. When tea is taken within an hour before a workout it increases one’s heart rate and begins to act like a sponge for eating up fat due to the polyphenols, flavenols and catechin ECGC substances in tea. Green tea and Puer tea are the best teas to have before workouts, which has been extensively researched from Chinese sources and medical reports at sites such as Weight Loss Teas.

Staying loose

One of the biggest issues guys face either going into a workout or following a workout is staying loose and relaxed. In fact, Men’s Health has often repeated this throughout its website that one of the major issues related to male injury is improper use and recovery of muscles, especially in the back, neck and shoulder areas.

To stay healthy before a workout guys need to do a routine either at home or at the gym before lifting. Most guys don’t do this because they equate stretching with girly yoga poses, which somehow makes them less of a man. Ironically, if you don’t stretch chances are you may loose the ability to do manly things, so learning some basic yoga and even qigong exercises can help the body loosen up. In fact, qigong can help the body naturally recover from aches and pains in addition to rebalancing energy in the body.

Staying focused

Believe it or not meditation is a great way to stay focused with everything. Meditation is something that can be extended into your daily life, as an important part of meditation is merging with the moment and being aware. For working out, our minds are often scattered and all over the place but if we can learn to stay focused through simple breathing exercises we may find our mental focus increasing which in turn will result in greater physical strength.

You should also keep goals. Keeping a goal will drive you and help you become what you want to be. Without having a goal in mind you are bound to wander aimlessly and turn lazy, creating a scenario in which anything that happens to you will dictate the outcome of your life rather than you taking command.

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