Should you be taking pre-workout meals before bodybuilding?

Yes, and here is why.

Your body needs energy for working out. It needs energy before a workout so that you can have the power and focus needed to do your training, and it also needs fuel for during the workout in order to keep your body going. This can be achieved through pre-workout meals such as supplements.

To put it another way, do you feel differently when you go do something strenuous either on an empty stomach or having just taken something light to fill you up? Provided you did not just have a full meal and are feeling drowsy as a result, chances are you think getting something into your body will help you more. This is because the body needs fuel before taking off. You can’t drive a car away on an empty tank, and nor should your body go empty unless it wants to see results from the workout.

Keeping that in mind, it is best to take a pre-workout supplement, which we highly recommend be a powder such as Mike Chang’s Afterburn Fuel or another type of powder such as protein. By doing so your body stores away the calories that will start to burn away when you begin your workout, and maintains enough left over in your body in order for it to produce muscle growth. If that wasn’t the case, where would the calories needed for packing on muscle come from?

During workouts this is why you see some people slamming shakes or taking some kind of energy bars. Not only did they take some pre-workout type fuel to get them going, they also knew they had to refuel during the workout in order to pack on muscle and hence took more supplements to get the best results.

We believe that taking supplements both during and before are a good thing; however, with Mike Chang’s fuel, it actually is enough to last you both before and throughout the rest of the workout due to its ingredients. Some powders only provide the extra kick in energy you will need to help you lift more on the spot, but do not provide other nutrients such as protein to help you maintain the muscle growth you work towards in the workout. This is unfortunate because it means that guys gotta slam a certain powder before you begin a workout, wash out their cups and pack another powder in for the actual workout. This is time-consuming, expensive (because you need to buy various powders) and overall excessive for building muscle. Therefore, we definitely go with the Afterburn Fuel to get the results we want.

Chang when out of his way to create a comprehensive powder that gives both the kick before a workout and the necessary supplements to put on muscle during the workout. Why no one else didn’t think of this before is unknown…Oh wait, no it isn’t, because companies know they can make a lot more money by selling you two 5 pound buckets of powder compared to 1!

Mike Chang doesn’t do this and wants people to get the most out of their workout tools, whether it be DVD lessons or supplements, so that’s why he made the supplement. But you don’t have to take our word for it, try it out yourself. Mike Chang offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Good luck working out and make sure that no matter what muscle training exercises you aim for that you have enough fuel in your body before, during, and after in order to maximize results!

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