Exercise and Diet Tips for the Hard Working Class

How often do we see ads and info-mercials depicting the muscle-bound bodies of people who seem to have nothing better to do than exercise all day? Sure, some of us have the time to hit the gym each day, or take a jog in the morning before starting our day, but for many of us hard working class types, there simply isn’t enough time in the day to focus on fitness.

Working Class has No Time to ExerciseI’m constantly hearing people say “you can find 30 minutes to hit the gym”, or “a 10 minute intensity workout is all you need”. Heck, I admit it, I’ve said them myself. And yes, most of us can find a little extra time to do these things, but not everyone.

For those of you who work hard every single day to provide for your family, just finding time to eat and sleep can be a burden. Long commutes to work, arduous hours, doing homework and science projects with the kids – these things take up a lot more time than your average so-called fitness expert may realize.

I get it, and I hope that this article will help provide some useful tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, even if you can’t find a free moment to get some proper exercise.

Working Out your Eating Habits

Being on the go so much, we have developed a terrible habit of taking advantage of life’s modern conveniences. How often do you stop for a coffee and breakfast on your way to work? Chances are, you aren’t overpaying for a healthy bran muffin. Most of us opt for the egg, cheese and bacon biscuits or maybe a donut to fill our bellies.

And what about lunch? Are you procuring an organic caesar salad from the local deli, or are you hitting the fast food restaurant down the block? Maybe you opted for a prepackaged, MSG-infused beef and bean burrito to pop in the microwave at work?

A quick bite to eat now and again won’t kill you, but committing to the wrong type of eating habits on a daily basis is extremely unhealthy. If you want to live past 50, I’d highly recommend making some adjustments to your diet.

It only takes a moment to throw whole grain bread in the toaster, or grab a muffin your spouse picked up for you at the bakery while grocery shopping. Packing your own lunch isn’t a bad idea either. Invest in Tupperware and start packing last night’s leftovers, or throw your favorite deli meats on a bun. Add in a snack-size bag of pretzels, a granola bar and a bottle of spring water and your all set.

What about Exercise?

A gym membership is obviously out of the question, but if you can find a moment to exercise, do it. If you live close enough to work, avoid the traffic by riding a bicycle. If you live in the city, you may even save time that way, not to mention the planet.

When you get home, instead of watching TV or playing video games with the kids, get out in the yard and throw a ball or frisbee around. It’s not just quality family time, it’s encouraging good active habits for your children. If you get home after dark, don’t be afraid to have a short fun-filled wrestling bout with them on the carpet. Just don’t do it near the china cabinet!

Exercising during work really depends on your line of employment. If you’re a labor worker, you’re already getting exercise of some type, so when break time comes around, feel free to sit and relax for the full duration. However, if you spend your entire work day sitting in front of a computer screen, breaks would be better spent taking a brisk walk. The cardio will increase your energy, stretch your muscles, and work off calories from that unhealthy meal you weren’t supposed to eat. Tsk! Tsk!

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