Mike Chang’s New Haircut: Shaved…But Sexy?

Is it just me or did Mike Chang just get more sexy with his decision to shave his head as part of his year-end tradition. Perhaps yes, but for me, it sits otherwise.

The Chang we have all come to know first through pretty spiked hair later followed with a pony tail that seemed to take forever to grow out has now decided that he would shave it all. Mike repeatedly talked about growing his hair out in his videos, which for a woman like myself who tends to throw herself at strong, long-haired men was thrilled about. I watched day in and out as Chang grew out his hair and the anticipation was like watching a TV series that progressed slowly and intimately. It was joyful, exciting, and if I dare admit it even turned me on at times.

Over the last weekend, however, I was saddened when I opened my email awaiting to read Chang’s latest update when I found out that my Mikey decided to shave his head. All that hard work on his end seemed futile and my excitement plummeted into areas that only women understand deep in their hearts; for the sake of words, I describe that place as sensual, erotic and invigorating mixed with turmoil that bounces from head to toe depending on the time of the month. What was it that led Mike to do this? I thought to myself, like most men, it is just a phase and perhaps he is still experimenting with his looks. If you ask me, his is everything and a piece of pie…at least he used to be.

A bald-looking man has his advantages. You can rub the head and really feel the skin and complexion of one of the most intimate parts of a man’s body. Little hair can also accentuate the firmness of a guy’s butt as well as bring out his package if you ask me. But with Chang, I don’t know, I just feel that the long hair complemented his abs and muscles. He looked, to me, like a Peruvian warrior ready to take battle for his princess (me) and no one would stop him. Now he kinda looks like an escaped convict that will serve me microwave dinners with grape drink over reruns of gladiators. I still love him, I think, but the love for him directly is now geared more toward what he was.

I don’t know, perhaps I am shallow to think this way but we all have our breaking points, don’t we? It was my dream to run my fingers though his fine black hair and hear him talk about how strong he is in my ear as he kissed it gently but it seems that dream may only come half true now. Perhaps we will grow it out again, in which case I will gladly throw myself at him once more, but the feeling will be different. It is always different the second time, especially after you feel you have been betrayed.

I may need to take a break from Mike for now, but for those who will not don’t be surprised if you see a shaved headed looking Asian guy spilling workout secrets your way when in fact he should be spilling secrets from his heart to me. I’m not bitter about this, just disappointed. I will try to move on and maybe try his sexy workouts he posted beforehand when he had that sexy mullet.

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