Naked 3D Fitness Tracking Mirror raising Serious Concerns

At some point in our lives, we all looked at our bodies naked in a mirror. Those who like what they see will flex their muscles, turn side to side and revel in their achievements, while those who do not are often filled with self-loathing, and perhaps a renewed determination to better their physical appearance. But what will happen when people look into the upcoming Naked 3D Fitness Tracking Mirror?

Naked 3D Fitness Tracking MirrorNaked Labs is developing this new piece of technology that’s expected to hit the market early 2017. The Naked 3D Fitness Tracker is a standing mirror and scale that measures the user’s weight, body fat and muscle content. By using a mirror, the technology is able to track changes in the body over time that can be seen with the human eye, as well as the Naked 3D app, where all data is automatically sent.

For someone looking to get in shape, it all sounds great, but some concerns have been raised. First of all, stepping on a scale and looking bare-naked into the mirror can play a lot of tricks on a person’s head, especially if they’re doing so more than once a day.

A person’s body weight fluctuates throughout the day due to our body’s water retention. We are generally a bit lighter in the morning than we are in the evening, even with a trip to the gym or jog through the neighborhood in between. Attempting to judge yourself in the morning and again at night is not going to provide good results for one’s emotional well being.

According to the Health Department at Harvard Medical School, for the most accurate results, we should only be weighing ourselves once per week.

Another concern, which was raised fluently by Women’s Health Magazine, is that the Naked 3D Fitness Tracking Mirror could cause a significant number of people to become consumed with their appearance and progress. Naked Labs calls it “motivation”, but is “obsessive” a better word?

Korin Miller, author and editor for Women’s Health, compared the new fitness tech to “your middle school frenemy, only better at math”. She said, “we can see this leading people down the path to body obsession.”

When it comes to weight-loss and physical fitness, obsessive behavior can lead to numerous eating disorders; everything from anorexia and bulimia, to binge eating. All of these pose serious health risks.

To make matters worse, the Naked 3D Fitness Tracking Mirror could encourage its users to set their fitness goals based on their body shape and appearance, rather than their actual level of physical fitness. As Miller so eloquently pointed out, “your body’s ‘happy weight’ and your goal weight are probably not the same,” which only sets us up for disappointment in the end.

If you’re truly looking to get healthy, your perception of your body’s appearance could take you down the wrong path. Even the Naked 3D Fitness Tracker promo video alludes to a woman who is obsession with her appearance drives her to keep working out more and more.

Naked shows me my truth. My truth is sweat, early mornings, one more rep, one more mile, one more second,” says the voice in the video. “My body is a reflection of my journey, my choices.

As an avid workout buff, I (and many others) believe the extra rep and extra mile we strive to undertake is the reward. Pushing ourselves to perform better and get stronger should be the ultimate goal, and when we succeed in doing so, the reward is the feeling of accomplishment we take from it.

To look in a mirror and be judged by our own eyes and a piece of pricey technology on whether our accomplishments are good enough? That’s a scary thought…

The Naked 3D Fitness Tracking Mirror is currently available for presale with a shiny price tag of USD-$499. The first shipments are expected to go out March 2017.

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