Music : Healthy Or a Hindrance ?

If you watch workout videos of some of the most recognized trainers such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Rock, Mike Chang etc., you will notice they do not listen to music. And no, it is not because they are being filmed and need to be talking. Most of the time those guys are filmed in their most comfortable manner in order to display optimal results. So then why wouldn’t they be listening to music? Isn’t that the best way to enhance your workouts, as it can help you stay pumped and focused?

As a music lover I used to think so but then I came to realize the importance of focus. Focus in working out means being aware of what you are doing at all times. When you listen to music during workouts you will come to find that when you are entirely merged with the exercise that you don’t even know what you are listening to. The reason being is that your mind is putting its efforts into the exercise at hand while interpreting the music as background noise.

It may seem as if you are able to be entirely focused on two things at once but the reality is that there is a separation. Even if you think you can do it, trying to stay clear of multiple things at the same time is very difficult over long periods. This becomes particularly difficult when you get into heavier weights and even more dangerous as if you are not on top of your game you may get injured.

There is something to be said about being fully immersed into one activity. Music for example can be enjoyed more if you really take the time to listen to it rather than having it in the background. There is enough static in peoples’ lives and too much noise coming from here and there. Out of not only safety and appreciation music should be listened to separately.

But without deviating too much, professional trainers often speak of focus. Their minds are set on the prize and they have one direction-forward. They do not need external stimulation or distraction, and they are often trying their hardest to tune into their mindset, which is where you will find the most power.

To tune this mindset you need to be aware of your thoughts. If, for example, you want to push a heavier weight but are too busy trying to sing along with a song, you probably will find your efforts to have minimal effect. The reason is because your mind is not there, a phrase we often hear throughout our daily lives. But what does it mean to not have your mind there? It means your awareness is elsewhere. If you find that you are able to bring that awareness back on track it won’t matter if you are listening to music or doing other things. You will be at ease with yourself and feel confident in knowing your mind is able to withstand the conditions it is given at any time.

So decrease the background music in all your life and being fully immersed with all and everything whenever you encounter it. Your energy will be more directed this way, and your results succeeding those before.

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