Mike Chang Muscle Mass Secrets

Mike Chang often says that in fact there is no secret to gaining bigger muscles other than lifting heavier and eating more food. Pills, shots, supplements (aside from pre-workout drinks and protein) are all secondary to the body’s natural ability to pack on meat through natural methods, making diet and increased muscle tension and fiber extension through heavier weights the main factor for gaining muscle.


In the Sixpack Shortcuts videos, Chang points out that muscles are continuously contracting and expanding based on the amount of calories and fat they have through the body’s natural consumption of food and drink. Muscles can often shrink and become agile if proper diet is not used and increased diet can strengthen them in order to fulfill their basic usage such as lifting and pulling etc.


What’s interesting, however, is that someone doesn’t naturally gain muscle through extra eating unless that body part is active in some way. This is contrary to the body’s natural ability (negative if you ask me) to lose muscle from lack of usage. This is why people can be overweight and not have much muscle, albeit a certain body area may appear to look large.


Muscle contraction therefore needs to occur in conjunction with a diet. The diet is needed because if someone is lifting heavy and wants to put on muscle then where should the body get that meat from? As much as some people may tend to think that the body will borrow from other parts, it doesn’t work that way, and therefore eating steadily both before and after in addition to an occasional boost in the middle of a workout is necessary.


The body needs fuel, simply put. If a car is running on empty it can still drive fast but once that fuel is used up the car stops. Your muscles are like that in that they need to be continuously fueled before and after lifting in order to make use of all the effort put into the workout. Unfortunately, many guys don’t know about this and can’t figure out why there aren’t putting on any meat as a result of lifting so much, assuming that not eating much will also help them keep lean and thin.


To keep that lean and thin look while gaining muscle may also seem like a secret but it is pretty straightforward. To avoid being out of proportion in body weight and muscle, trainers need to eat more of the right kind of foods to put on muscle and make sure they are done at certain times of the day.


Pre-workout supplements could include:

-Afterburn Fuel

-High calorie protein shakes



Meanwhile, food during workouts can include:

-Protein shakes



Following your workouts, a high dose of protein is what really drives the muscles to pack on meat, so increased protein shakes, fish, beef and chicken along with various kinds of vegetables all make a difference. Avoid trying to rely on noodles, rice and other staple foods to get the job done.


The body is not only adding protein from these foods, but is also accumulating calories and fats good for the body’s development. Packing on another 1,000 calories a day through such foods in addition to the standard amount of about 2,000 calories will make a big difference. Do not try to supplement the calories through sugars and fats from foods like cake and cookies, as they are a different kind of fat.


Mike Chang has developed his muscles through these methods in addition to adding heavier weights with lower repetitions. Lower repetitions only come through heavier weight added and not as an excuse to do less with similar weight. It also means the body has to push harder to burn more fibers to reach its goal. Once those fibers are burning intensely, the body sends a message that it needs more strength to perform and hence muscle is also built.




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