Data proves Exercising in the Morning breeds Consistency and Happiness

Many fitness gurus have passed on a similar piece of advice over the years, recommending that early morning workouts promote a happier and healthier lifestyle. While there is research proving that early, there’s been no evidence that people better maintain their fitness routine, or that they’re happier for it. That is, until now.

Thanks to one of the most popular wearable data tracking devices on the fitness market today, the Jawbone, we now know that these are genuine benefits of morning workouts. Jawbone’s Smart Coach and branded UP® App allows hundreds of thousands of people to track and log multifarious information regarding their health, diet, emotional well being and, of course, workout routines, anonymously sharing that data with Jawbone.

The company’s head of data science, Brian Wilt, told Yahoo Health, “We can review millions of workouts from hundreds of thousands of users across demographics, countries and over many years, which allows us to do analysis and uncover relationships that we otherwise couldn’t see.”

A report was compiled based on that data and released yesterday, in which the Jawbone Blog revealed that 10.8% of UP users who work out on a consistent basis begin their daily exercise at 6:00am. That represents the largest percentage of any hourly start time throughout the day among consistent trainers. The second most common starting time was 5:00am (9.4%), followed by 9:00am (8.1%), 8:00am (7.5%) and 7:00am (7.2%).

Consistency in Early Morning Workouts

Jawbone Report shows Morning Workouts are More Consistent

There seems to be a distinct pattern there, and for the record, “consistency” is defined by Jawbone as working out “3 or more times a week for 70% or more of all the weeks in the past year”.

Further supporting the theory that morning workouts promote regularity (no, not that kind of regularity), among UP users who do not workout ‘consistently’, the most popular time to hit the gym is 6:00pm.

Consistent Workouts make Happier People

A second aspect of the research revealed that people who work out consistently are happier. The report identified those who exercise 7 times a week as being the happiest of all in their everyday lives. 6-day routines came in as the second happiest, while those who work out 3, 4 and 5 days were equally and respectfully cheery.

How and When People Work Out

The report went on to identify some of the most popular work out activities, and the most common times people do them. Surprisingly, one of the more popular ways to get in shape consistently in the early morning is by using a fitness program DVD, like P90X. As it turns out, such fitness videos are incredibly inspiring in terms of motivating people to climb out of bed.

Another interesting fact was that workout classes, specifically Zumba, attract the bulk of consistent fitness gurus in the evening hours. Zumba is most popular around 6/7pm, which correlates with the average availability of classes. Yoga and Pilates also saw a significant spike in activity at 9:00am and 6:00pm, due to the same popular hours of class hosting.

What’s the Point of it All?

Wilt said the anonymous data will help Jawbone hone its Smart Coach application to better serve users. “We are using these data to learn when is the best time to give people a little nudge or reminder to work out more or change their habits, depending on what their favorite workouts are and knowing what makes them happy.”

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