Is Monster Mass legit and safe? -Review

Monster Mass is one of the newest additions to Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts exercises that feature specialized workouts geared toward helping people build big muscles fast. The exercises help people achieve such goals by describing in detail the following points:

1. How to build muscle fast

2. How to turn weak body parts into strong ones

3. How to get rapid lean muscle growth

4. Why monster sets are important

The 4 points are actually based off Mike Chang’s years of experience and research in bodybuilding and are the same techniques he uses to gain his muscle, according to the videos.

To give you a clearer idea of what Mike talks describes for each point and to help you decide whether the program is good for you, we have compiled some concepts that are talked about for each point.

1. On the first point, Mike presents the proper weight amount, reps, rest time in between reps, as well as recovery time and food needed for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. These are the first basic steps that need to be solidified and understood to properly pack on muscle fast, and Mike Chang emphasizes that while they may be simple in theory most guys do not practice them.

2. Secondly, Mike introduces various exercises and stretches geared towards working parts of the body, that while may seem insignificant, are actually quite important in not only increasing the sizes of your muscles as they help support and build growth for other muscles, but also for toning your muscles as well.

3. For this point, Mike Chang emphasizes that adipose tissue or fat memory is hard to erase that comes as a result of increased fat cells due to eating too much or improperly after workouts. The right kinds of foods need to be taken at the right times of the day, so this point will help you plan that accordingly.

4. Lastly, additional Monster Mass set techniques aimed at building muscle memory such hyper pump exercises are included in the DVD series. Monster set hyper pumps are when you work on opposing muscle sets to intensify the amount of blood into your muscles, which in order to get a full muscular ripped look is necessary.

So are the DVDs safe and worth it?

The DVDs are safe in the sense that once you watch them they won’t blow up! But there’s more too it than that… The 4 main points take into consideration the most important aspects into both building muscle and yet protecting it from getting injured. For example, the fact that Mike focuses on hyper sets is a great thing in our opinion, because it requires practitioners to work on opposing muscle groups to bring about balance in the muscles. A lot of guys will get stuck on trying to bring their chest out and neglect working on the back, which leads to hunches, body pain and other injuries. However, if you follow the guidelines in the DVDs you will be much better off, but just remember to not overdue anything you are not comfortable with.

What’s in the DVDs?

Three DVDs-What to eat, step by step meal guides, personalized training guide and an advanced training guide that puts you in access with Mike Chang’s team of professional trainers in addition to a “15 laws of mass building” book.


We highly recommend anyone who is serious about getting ripped and doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on personalized trainers to check out the DVDs. They provide some of the most honest and straightforward ways to get ripped and are very hands on, making them one of the best tools for you to access during your workouts.

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