Mike Chang leaves SPS as Clark Shao Introduces Six Pack Shortcuts 2

I’ve been a follower of Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts for years now, and can personally attest to its legitimacy. Chang’s superior first-hand knowledge of fat burning techniques, particularly the ‘after-burn effect‘, was born of years’ worth of trial and error. Last month, we were introduced to the all new Six Pack Shortcuts 2 by Clark Shao, following Chang’s sorrowful retirement from SPS.

Mike Chang says Farewell to Six Pack ShortcutsYes, it’s true – Mike Chang has left the SPS team that he founded 6 long years ago. He announced his retirement in his final SixPackShortcuts Youtube video on May 17, 2016 – just one week before the introduction of the new Six Pack Shortcuts 2 program.

In his farewell message, Mike explained why he chose to part ways with SPS, and how the company will continue on in the capable hands of his friends and colleagues, Clark Shao, Henry Tran and Jonny Catanzano.

Mike Chang Leaves Six Pack Shortcuts

“When we first started this channel about 6 years ago, it was always to help people, not just to get in shape, but it’s to help people,” said Mike. “I found that, for myself, and even for Clark and for a lot of people that work out and get in shape and build muscle and get lean, they’re doing it because they want to be happy, they want to have better lives, higher self confidence, self-esteem, have more fulfilling lives.”

That’s still the goal of Mike and the Six Pack Shortcuts program, but Chang himself – who hasn’t appeared in any SPS videos in quite some time – will no longer be a part of the team. He called Clark, Henry and Jonny, who are taking over the popular fitness brand and Youtube channel, “the backbone of the company.”

As for Mike’s future plans, he said, “I feel a very strong calling now” to continue helping people with their fitness goals, but not necessarily through workout videos. Instead, he wants to focus on something he’s always taught as a secondary lesson, which is the importance of having the right mindset – understanding more about our feelings, our habits, how to be successful and have fulfillment in our lives – “because that’s always been a goal.”

Shao Introduces Six Pack Shortcuts 2

Clark Shao, Six Pack Shortcuts 2In the meantime, Chang said he’s “really excited” about the launch of Six Pack Shortcuts 2, which went live on May 23. The new program continues, headed by Shao, to teach all of the original, proven techniques for quickly losing weight, building muscle and achieving six pack abs, including SPS’s famous after-burn effect. But this time, the program goes deeper into things like how to stimulate certain hormones so that “guys can get results even faster,” said Mike.

Mike Chang and Clark Shao have been friends since grade school, growing up and working out together since they were nothing more than scrawny boys rough-housing on the playground. Shao is now the lead face of Six Pack Shortcuts 2, while Jonny Cantanzano leads up the ‘Abs After 40‘ side of the program.

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