Mike Chang’s insane home chest workouts

Here are 6 push-up exercises that will help your chest blow and up and get more tone. They are part of Mike Chang’s chest workouts and can be viewed both on his DVDs and YouTube videos.

The following exercises should be done at 10-20 reps each with no break in between Finishing 10-20 reps for the 6 exercises counts as 1 set and we need to aim to do 3 sets. Between each set you can rest for one minute but take longer in necessary. Ready, set, go!

Standard– Arms are shoulder width

Wide– Go about 2-4 inches wider than where your hands are when you do a standard pushup. This will bring out the outer part of your chest and put less tension on your triceps.

Wide pushup with hands pointing outwards-This exercise Mike thinks will really stress the chest.

Closed grip with elbows in-This will actually work a little more triceps and shoulders in addition to the chest.

Hopping-These essentially are clapping push-ups without going all the way down. This helps the chest get used to receiving impact and your muscles will react differently as there won’t be a constant type of pressure.

Alligator crawls-This is where the hands are positioned with one further in front than the other. The legs move upwards and you engage your core more.


By the time you have completed one set you should be feeling the burn mainly in your chest but your triceps and shoulders will also feel some burn, as some of the exercises purposefully incorporate multiple muscle groups within.

Note: Make sure for the wide pushup with hands pointing outwards exercise that your hands are pointing out about a 45-degree angle and nothing further. Also, when doing the closed grip with elbows in exercise, make sure your elbows do not flare out. Keep the elbows straight and back and push directly up and down. Your footing position should not be wider than the width of your elbows and Mike often puts his feet together in order to centralize more tension on his upper body.

You should probably aim to do this exercise after you have had a meal and it has digested properly. This will help the body store energy and help it release during the workout in order for you to go the extra mike and reach 15 reps.

If you feel that you want to do more exercises after these try to do some light dumbbell work or possibly even take a longer break for about 5 minutes and do another round by decreasing the amount of reps by a third or so. You don not necessarily have to go to failure and you certainly don’t want to smash your face on the floor but it’s an option in case you are looking to do even more extreme exercises.

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