Making the Most of Every Workout to get Bigger Biceps Fast

I was browsing Mike Chang’s SixPackShortcuts Channel on Youtube yesterday when I came across a particular biceps workout that I was shocked I’d never seen before. Mike made some very good points, teaching three key elements to quickly building bigger biceps. And best of all, you don’t have to change up your workout routine – just make a few adjustments to what you’re already doing.

Now when I say ‘adjustments only’, I’m assuming you’re already conscious of your biceps and using dumbbell curls to tone and bulk up the muscles. What Mike shows us is how to tweak that technique to get maximum range, maximum production and most importantly, maximum size.

Don’t stop reading just because you already have defined biceps. Mike said this exercise technique is great for everyone, “Even if you have a lot of good size, but want to shape them out more and really get that peak to pop out”.

3 Key Elements to Bigger Biceps

Mike said the three things you have to remember are:

  1. Extreme Range of Motion
  2. Increase Time Under Tension
  3. Modified Angle

Extreme Range of Motion: “What I mean by this is when you’re doing a bicep curl, instead of just going up then back down you need to try to go as far as you can in each motion,” said Mike. By deliberately focusing on full muscle range during your workout, you’ll activate all muscle fibers in the bicep, top to bottom.

Take a look at these images:

Comparison of smaller and fuller biceps

Notice the width of the biceps in Mike Chang’s pic (right), compared to the gaps in the first two photos. Extending from a standard ‘full range’ of motion to an ‘extreme range’ of motion fills these gaps with muscle mass.

To get extreme range of motion – and prevent cheating by using other muscle groups to compensate – Mike Chang recommends sitting back on an incline bench, with palms facing out. Each time an arms extends, tighten the triceps and lock that position. Instead of resting the muscle while the other arm is curling, that locked position will activate the muscle fibers that don’t get worked in a traditional full-range curl.

Increasing Time Under Tension (TUT): “The longer the time under tension, the more work your biceps do,” said Mike. “You’re increasing the TUT the moment you have your palms open and the moment you lock your triceps. In doing this you’re forcing constant stress on that muscle, which allows you to do more work in less time.”

For instance, he says doing 30 second reps of alternating curls without locking the triceps causes each arm to rest while the other is working. Thus, effectively, each arm is only getting a 15 second workout. Lock the triceps and stress those muscles to get a full 30 second workout on both biceps.

Modified Angle: This part is really important, although it may sound crazy. You want to start with lighter weights – Mike suggests 25lb dumbbells (instead of the 60lbs he normally uses). He admits that “using too light of weight will not get you bigger biceps,” however, he added that lighter weights will “achieve the correct form and work the ENTIRE muscle.”

This also has the added benefit of breaking plateaus; stimulating the biceps differently to bring about new and bigger biceps growth.

The Complete Package

Lighter weights should be used in 5 sets of Incline Dumbbell Alternating Curls to active the underutilized muscle fibers first. Then move on to 8 sets of Heavy Barbell Curls to build up mass. Then go back to another set of Incline Dumbbell Curls, using both arms at the same time (not alternating).

Add this routine to your regular workout schedule and you’ll have bigger biceps in no time. You can check out Mike Chang’s full video on the subject below.

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